Hi! I'm Ashley Lindsay Searles, Spiritual Medium

As a medium, I am an expert in facilitating relationships and healing with your Loved Ones on the Other Side. Soulmate connections, finding peace, healing and forgiveness in deep family relationships and opening the door to true soul growth and self love are the core of my work with Spirit. For me, mediumship is about so much more than just reconnection - it is about experiencing love and using our connection with Spirit as an avenue to soul growth and self realization. My work with clients and Spirit is all about facilitating love on all levels!

I discovered my mediumship abilities after the death of my brother. Before then, I had never even been to a psychic before and I had no idea that I had gifts of my own. His passing changed my life completely and through my darkest time, I discovered the truth of who I am. It was through my continuing connection with my brother that I was able to bring healing, love and peace to my own family in the midst of grief and pain. This led me to my true path and purpose as a medium. I have been fortunate to meet and work with some amazing and talented teachers along the way including Amanda Linette Meder (mediumship training), Alexandra DiFillipo (energy healer) and Lori Saturday Trask (channel, energy healer).

Besides connecting Spirit with my clients from all over the world, here are some more facts about me:

I am from Cleveland, OH and I love lakes because of my childhood on Lake Erie.

I received my BFA in dance from NYU Tisch School of the Arts and my MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Before I became a professional medium, I performed with dance companies all over the world. I still dance professionally and I create and perform dance work that feeds my soul and spirit.

I have one beautiful child. I live in Philadelphia and I love the culture, people and history here. I spend my time doing private sessions with clients, giving workshops and seminars and writing blogs about mediumship and spiritual development. Dancing is a big part of my life and I take classes, teach and perform on a regular basis. 

Random other things...Fresh flowers are my luxury - I always have them in my house. I love to read and Tolstoy is my all time favorite author. I lived in Amsterdam for a few months and trained and performed  at the School for New Dance Development.  I lived in Hawaii for almost a year and swam in the ocean everyday, but I never got over my fear of sharks. I graduated from my MFA program Summa Cum Laude and attended my undergraduate program on scholarship and graduated Cum Laude. I have a dog named Hero and I love chocolate.  I also love coffee and I drink a lot of tea, especially green. 

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