For years I had been praying for my ability to forgive my dad. During my reading with Ashley, I recognized how broken he was and I realized that the healing process is a two way street. And I saw a greater level of compassion toward my father than ever before!  Ashley, you have given me a true blessing! -S.L 11/18

Thank you so much! That was a beautiful experience and I am so grateful. -S.G 3/18

Ashley provides tremendous insight during her sessions. She sheds light on connections between our past and our expectations, assumptions, and hopes for the future. She gives opportunities to tease out the way our subconscious patterns influence our present moments, our interpretation of the past, and our projections for the future. She listens on a greater level to what we maybe do not want to acknowledge or for whatever reason cannot acknowledge. Through my time spent with her I move closer to self-acceptance, a willingness to protect my self and break unhealthy patterns. - A.F (11/17)

So right on...rarely do I feel my money is so well spent. -S.L 4/18

Ashley is amazing...every time I talk to her my soul grows more...and I'm put back on the right path, and barriers in my life begin to fade away, and I become stronger. I wish I could have a reading from her everyday. Thank you Ashley Searles for your amazing gift. Your little brother gave you something magical.  E.B (12/16)

 My reading with Ashley was clear and concise. Her gift with spirit cut straight to many of the important areas and questions in my life. Afterwards I felt energized while reflecting on everything we touched on. One healing in my life has already taken place as I received an answer from my father on a difficult family issue and how to proceed. I look forward to experiencing another reading soon! I'd buy everyone a reading with her if I could! It was that good. Thank you for your gift Ashley! D.T (12/16)

It is difficult not to be a believer after a session with Ashley. She truly has a gift to connect with the Spirit World and I am extremely lucky to have met her. My grandmother who had passed away two years ago had come through and gave very detailed information that no one else could have known. Ashley is patient and kind and you can definitely tell that she provides this service to genuinely help people. I wholeheartedly recommend Ashley to anyone who would like guidance. It is such an overwhelmingly positive experience and I cannot stop raving about what she can do! (6/16) E.C

I wanted to thank you so very much for my reading today. It was very special and a true gift. E.M

 Thank you very much for your reading today. It was very powerful! I feel the Spirits content that they were able to communicate with me, to deliver their important messages through you. N.A

 Thank you for helping me connect with my brother today. C.A

Thank you for the session today (Sat. 6-13-15).  It was amazingly beneficial. Thank you Ashley for sharing your gift with me.  You are a blessing. N.G

 I wanted to thank you again for connecting me to my loved ones. I'm still processing the experience which was so so special & meaningful! You have a true gift! All the best to you. B.W, OK

 After I got off the phone with you I was so impressed, thankful, delighted and amazed at my family and how they connected with me. You did a great job helping me to get answers, feel better, relax and be so happy in my info I was given. You are so so lucky to have the ability and blessing to be able to see spirit and hear them, talk to them, see them. Thank you for helping me and making me realize even more how they are so there all the time. This will help me to talk to them more, feel their presence more and be ok with missing them without the sadness attached. I wish I could do it again. Stay happy! xoxoxo"- M.C, VA USA

 Ashley is beyond gifted. My life changed after my first reading with her. Although I am very much a believer in Spirit and the magical world we live in, I still maintained an element of reserve and skepticism.  Ashley connected me with incredible Spirits and Guides who validated their genuine presence with such profound clarity that every doubt dissipated immediately. This assurety allowed me to be open to receive their messages which clarified origins of long-term inner  blockage, directed me to specific activities needed to manifest my inner purpose, and gave me the ultimate bond and connection with my recently passed father. I see the world now with more meaningful, directed, and enlightened vision. Ashley’s approach is very calming, focused, and professional. I am forever grateful for her extraordinary abilities which has awakened every facet of what makes my life meaningful. - A.R, Denver CO

 I have been involved in spiritual work, energy healing, and spiritual counseling for quite some time. Through the years, I have had a fair amount of psychic and medium readings; Ashley is hands down one of the most profound readers I have experienced. Her connection to spirit is wide open and flows through her naturally. The confirmations, insights and advice I received from my angels, guides, and Ashley were so impactful, that it has sent me on a new path to reach higher levels in my spiritual work. Ashley’s spiritual wisdom and connection to other realms proved to me she is a true messenger of the Divine, here to be the voice of spirit and facilitate healing for people on all levels. I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to meet such a beautiful and pure soul like Ashley; she has changed my life. Thank you for all you do Ashley, you are truly a blessing! - Fallon Denver, CO.

 A reading beyond my expectations...I want to first thank Ashley for her loving and gentle way of creating an atmosphere where Spirit was not only welcomed but embraced. Being somewhat of a novice in exploring my spiritual essence, Ashley guided me and introduced me to the wonderful spirit guides that surround me. I am still amazed at the amount of people who came through. Ashley is incredibly talented. I can't express how spot on she was in areas that I thought I only knew or felt in my soul. My Archangels, spirit guides, fairies and twin flame soulmate are eager to talk to Ashley again and again and again! - Suzanne R., PA

 Wow, Ashley. Thank you for such an insightful and in depth reading! Everything you said resonated so well. Thank you so very much for this!  - Jessica M.

You're reading was so detailed and beautiful. You are so talented and amazing! F.H, CO

 Ashley is a fantastic medium. Her connection is very precise and fast, which makes it that much more important considering my reading was over the phone. She establishes a strong connection right before calling a client, so by the time you pick up, she already has all your guides and loved ones eager to talk to you. My session was intense with a lot of information passed down. I had all my questions answered, and couldn't be happier. I'd recommend Ashley to anyone who's looking for a strong, fast connection with the Divine!- Irina from NYC

My session with Ashley helped me envision my big picture mission and gave me the motivation to focus on the small tasks today so I can accomplish my bigger goals down the road. - Mark G. Denver Colorado. 

 Ashley!! Your reading was truly incredible!! What a wonderful gift! Thank you so much. You offered such insight for me. - A.T

 Thank you, Ashley. You are truly gifted. I read the reading you did for my daughter and it truly was spot on (looking at her reading from the perspective of a friend and mother and not her own). I think that mine is too. I enjoyed that you wrote it in the format of a letter, and not just jumbled impressions. I enjoyed that you gave me clear advise on how to develop my gifts. I am very pleased that you communicated that my gift is with animals and plants. The other readings for the most part said that I am clairsentient. I WANTED to be gifted with animals, as that is what I feel the most in my heart. I loved reading about fairies; this is something I have never entertained. I think you have given me some good starting points for my own spiritual journey. Thank you again and Namaste: I bow to the divine in you. - C.W