Spiritual Classroom

What happens in a reading? At our appointment time I call you and we begin right away with identifiying the first Spirit who has come forward with messages for you. All readings are unique. Generally speaking you can expect to hear from Deceased Loved Ones and Spirit Guides and Angels. It depends on what messages are in your Highest and Greatest good at this time, and what serves you best. Spirit decides who comes forward – not the medium!

What Spirits come to a reading? It depends on the reading! Sometimes the client’s Spirit Guides and Angels and Deceased Loved ones come through; sometimes it is all Deceased Loved Ones and sometimes it is Guides and Angels. Usually it is mostly Deceased people with support from Guides an Angels. But it really depends on the client and who in Spirit is best to deliver the messages needed at this time.

How do I know this is safe? A mediumship reading with me is completely safe.  I work only with Spirits crossed over into the Divine Light. All of my readings are completely protected for both medium and client.

Is it private? I think of the relationship with my clients as like that in a privileged relationship like lawyer/client. What happens in a reading stays in the reading! I never discuss personal details from any reading. Also, Spirit helps me out with this- after a reading the details fade pretty quickly. This is because while I am in a reading, the information is flowing through me from Spirit. I am not actively thinking it myself. It’s not my information; it’s the client's and Spirit’s information. Because messages pass through me, my brain retains little of the details. It would all be too much to hang on to myself!  

Do you offer a recording of my reading? I do not record the readings, but you are free to do so if you wish. In my experience, a reading's value lies in what you pull from it from a focused, listening state. Spirit is speaking to you, in the moment. What is important is your own feelings and impressions from the reading and what you pull from it - not necessariy my words. In the process of notetaking, your own Spirit/Higher Self helps you articulate and integrate the messages.  that you need to hear. The way to get the most out of your reading is to be as present in the moment as possible and trust that what you receive in that time, is what best serves you now.

What do I need to do in a reading? Basically, your job is to receive the information as completely as you can. For this reason, I highly suggest that clients prepare for their readings by finding a private space where they won’t be interrupted and begin the reading in a quiet, focused and listening state. This is because the nature of information from Spirit tends to be pack full with detail and nuance and it requires your full attention! I will not read while you are driving in the car, shopping or looking after children at the same time. It is not respectful to request a meeting with Spirit and then not give them the courtesy of your full attention! Plus, you will miss valuable information that is coming through for your benefit!

I feel like so much information came through, I am at a loss as to where to begin with it! What do I do? You can schedule a post-session follow up appointment with me to discuss the details as well as connect with your Guides and Angels to find the next best steps for you to take!

When can I schedule another reading? It depends on what comes through in your reading. If you are interested in committing to your Spiritual growth and connecting with your Guides, Angels and Loved Ones for a continued path of growth and connection, you can sign up for the Soul Evolution Package which is a package of three readings especially designed to create a working relationship with Spirit. For more information, click here. 

I'm not sure which kind of reading is best for me. How can I tell? If you are looking to connect with your Loved Ones, choose a Live reading. If you are looking to develop your abilities, a coachig session is the best option and if you are looking for guidance on a particular life issue or question, an email reading may suit you best. Still not sure? Email me and we can decide together what would work best for you!

What if I need to reschedule? No problem! As long as you contact me 24 hours or more before your reading, we will find the next suitable appointment!

I feel like I need an emergency reading! It is my belief that guidance from Spirit and connections with Loved Ones are experiences that are best received with an open and clear mind and heart. When you are frantic, emotional or grief stricken, it can be difficult to receive messages. 

The person I was looking to talk to wasn’t there – why not? This does not happen that often, but if it does, don’t worry! There are reasons for this. Please see more information here.


Can you guarantee that someone in Spirit will come through? Think of it this way – you decide to have a party & you send out invitations. At that point, it’s up to the people on your guest list if they can make it or not! Spirits decided where they want to be. While we certainly can request that a specific Spirit come forward, I cannot guarantee that person will in fact come through.

If you have other questions, please email me! Also, don’t forget to check out the terms and conditions here!