Spiritual growth tips for busy moms

As a mom do you feel like you have little to no time (or energy) to dedicate to your Spiritual growth? As a mother to a very busy 4 year old boy, I am all too familiar with the constant demand for my time and attention. With so much going on, it can be difficult to find time for my own Spiritual development. But, I have created some strategies on how to make this situation actually work in my favor and improve my ability to focus on my Spiritual growth and enhance my connection with Spirit.  You can too. Curious?

A mother’s intuition

The first thing to be aware of is that there is actually a major unsung benefit to being a busy mom and working on your Spirituality at the same time. Being a mother automatically greatly enhances your intuition because you are constantly “checking in” with a being that cannot use words to express their needs. Your own energy is tied tightly to this little person who depends on you for...everything. The constant nonverbal communication happening between you and your child improves your own energy sensing abilities; your intuition and your instincts improve by necessity. Do you know the old saying “my mom has eyes in the back of her head”? Well, yeah. This is pretty much actually true, especially when you are trying to cook dinner, watch a two year old and talk to your own mother on the phone all at the same time. As a mom you get really good at tuning in to another being’s energy and knowing their needs without the benefit of verbal communication. All of the work you are doing as a mom is actually enhancing and improving your ability to tune into and communicate with Spirit!

Trust your instincts

One thing you need to know right off the bat is that you have awesome intuition. You are using it all the time! When you have a tiny being completely dependent on you for survival and cannot use verbal communication, you learn really fast how to tune into their needs and trust what you receive. Using your instincts is listening to your intuition – you are focusing your awareness on another energy, picking up as much information as you can and then relying on your own instincts to respond appropriately. Surprise! This is working from your Spirit and these are the exact skills you need in communication with Spirit. Plus, you can already give yourself a pat on the back with how well you are developing your intuition because you are doing an awesome job: your child (or children) are thriving. Are they not? So, here is living, breathing proof that your intuition is right on. You already are using it on them, so trust it as you apply it to your work with Spirit!

Read all the time

Carry that Spirituality book you are reading with you everywhere – even to the bathroom. Take every second you have to read, read, read. I actually have surprised myself with the amount of reading I have been able to accomplish while caretaking my 4 year old son. I just read bits and pieces while I am with him, as I can. I find that it is far easier to integrate spiritual information and concepts in little chunks than it is to keep track of a plotline or characters as you would in a fiction book. You can get a lot accomplished in a day by just keeping that book handy and opening it every spare moment. Plus, by working on your Spirituality throughout the day in little chunks you are integrating it into your consciousness in a functional way. Spiritual concepts are best learned this way – these are not concepts you can sit sown and study, like you would for a math test. Spiritual concepts and opening your abilities is an ongoing process that requires lots of little moments of practice. You can do this in your spare random moments.

Connect with your Deceased Loved Ones while reading to your child.

Invite your Deceased Loved Ones to that intimate time you have with your son or daughter. Your Deceased Loved Ones love those quiet moments, and when you and your child are relaxed and focused on something together is an ideal time to practice your connection with your Loved One. Here’s how I do it:

  •  Set the intention to your Loved One and invite them to your reading time. I like to do this a few hours before. I simply say to a particular person in Spirit that I would love for them to visit with me and I will be spending some quiet time with my son later on around a specific time and would they please join us?
  • Then I get settled with my son and our books and I and open my awareness to Spirit as I read. Fortunately children’s books don’t require much concentration to read, and you can put some attention into your clairsentience, clairaudience or claircognizance while you do it. I actually think learning to focus like this really improves your ability to pick up on Spirit – it challenges you to focus on two realms at once, which trains your mind to integrate Spiritual information into your physical life experience. This is essential to successful mediumship.
  • Don’t forget to makes notes afterwards of what you experienced in your connection – these validations are really important as you will be able to later review the nuances of the experience which will help you open your awareness for the next connection.
  • Find meditation time

I am not even going to suggest meditating when your child is napping – if you’re lucky you may get a few minutes in without you yourself falling asleep. That precious naptime is also needed for taking care of what you have to take care of and simply cannot when you have a child on your hip, in your lap or at your breast.

Instead, try meditating right after your child has settled to sleep for the night (or at least the next few hours!). I really believe 10 min is enough to benefit you.  Being able to switch gears from the day and focus inwardly at will is another skill, which serves your ability to communicate with Spirit.

Approach this with an attitude of play

Let your child inspire the lighthearted, playful side of you. Your Spirit and your Guides, Angels and Loved Ones are all residing in a higher vibration energetic state. The more you can elevate your own energy to match theirs, the easier it is to get in touch with your abilities and connect with Spirit. You can do this by letting yourself play with your child – let your imagination open up as you play with blocks, read books and explore with your child. These things activate your creativity, your imagination and your Spirit. Have fun! The more you can enter into all of your work with Spirit with a lighthearted, open attitude and discard your expectations, the more success you will experience.

As always, trust that whatever experience you are having in your life right now is exactly what and where you need to be for your Spirit to take the next steps on your growth path. I think we all have thoughts like “if only my family was more supportive, it would be easier”, if only I had more time” or “if I didn’t have to cook, clean and take care of everything in my house I may have time to dedicate to my Spiritual growth.” But, that is only fear and ego talking. Instead of resisting the demands put on you by your children and family, embrace them as opportunities to integrate the spiritual concepts you are working on. Spirituality is a point of view; an awareness, a way of being.  It does not consist of classroom concepts that you intellectually apply to your life. By choosing to see every circumstance in your life as a positive learning experience and an opportunity to open to Spirit, you are opening to the flow of life and welcoming in Spirit. By accepting your life as perfect just as it is, you open yourself to the abundance and magic of the universe and you are one step farther along your journey.  Where you are right now is exactly right.

with love,