Emotions as you open to Spirit

When you first begin to open to Spirit, it can be pretty emotional and you can feel a mixture of vulnerability, excitement, fear and a powerful sense of relief and release.

I just met with a good friend of mine, whom I knew well before I began my Spiritual path and work as a medium. I have had mixed responses from friends and family when I first came out as a medium, and although most have come to embrace it, some are a bit more hesitant or resistant to it than others. So, as this was my first meeting with her in a long while, I was interested to see what my friend’s response would be to the changes that have occurred in my life.

As we began talking to catch up with things, I kept trying to steer the conversation to hear about what was happening with her personally and professionally and she kept steering it back to me and the work I am doing as a medium. She had tons of questions – how it works, who I connect with, what its like to experience Spirit. I gave explanations and some good examples of readings and the information that has come through to give her an idea of what my experience was like as well as what opening to Spirit is all about. As I talked about connecting with Angels and Loved Ones and the undeniable love and light there is in that experience, she began to tear up.

As we continued our conversation, I couldn’t help but see two large and beautiful Angels over her right shoulder. The Angels kept telling me she needed to hear and feel that she is safe, protected and loved. So that’s what I began to talk about with her. I talked about how opening to Spirit is about accepting unconditional love into your life. I talked about how God has given us a team of Spirits to just watch over us, to help and guide and protect us as we navigate in our physical lives. I talked about how the unlimited and all encompassing love that we all seek is actually here, surrounding us at every moment. It exists within each of us and we have many beings in Spirit to help us connect and follow that love and light.

As she received this information from Spirit, my friend opened up. She was teary and emotional. She talked about her fear that she was alone, that she was not capable of being strong and taking care of herself or rising to challenges She also said that deep inside she knew that she could. She said it was a huge thing for her to begin to feel like she wasn’t alone but she wanted to accept that. I did finally tell her about the Angels over her shoulder and as her tears flowed, I could feel waves of relief coming from her. My meeting with my friend went in a way I didn’t anticipate and that’s what so truly amazing and awe inspiring about Spirit – they set up a situation for her where she could hear what she needed to hear and I am grateful to have been the messenger.

As you open to Spirit, you too may experience those swings of emotion. As you open and feel the love coming to you from the Angels, Guides and Loved Ones who surround you, you also open your heart to love in a larger than life capacity. That’s because it is larger than life – you are connecting to the Source of life – the All That Is, God, a Higher Power, or whatever you choose to call it. You are also resetting your entire worldview. It is a big shift inside you to accept and work with Spirit.

Opening to Spirit can also be a vulnerable place. You are beginning to open your heart – this feels fragile at times for everyone. This is why it is important, especially in the beginning, to surround yourself with the people and things that validate your new experiences and feelings. Right now, you don’t need everyone else’s opinion. Do yourself a favor and only share your path as you feel guided to – with the people who can support you. Eventually, you will open up as you gain confidence, experience and time. In the beginning, it’s OK to be private. It’s OK to be emotional and it’s more than OK to want and need validation from others who are also on a Spiritual path, because we’ve been there and felt that way too. Ask your Guides and Angels to send those people to you and they will. Chances are, they already are doing that because you’re reading this!

There are no rules or wrong steps in opening to Spirit. It is about following your heart, your intuition and your guidance that comes to you from those who love you and who can see the larger meaning, path and significance of your life and the choices you make everyday – your Guides, Angels and Loved Ones.

Trust yourself, ask your Spirits for help and know that every step you take on this path is the right one.

With love,