3 ways to boost your Spiritual growth

As someone looking to constantly enhance and hone my connection to Spirit, I have discovered a few ways that help me feel connected, no matter what’s going on in my life. Remember that connecting with Spirit is a continually unfolding process, and sometimes you may need some extra reassurance that the connection you are building is real and working. Build trust in your growth process by using these three tips to boost your connection:

  • Set up an altar. This is a fun and also profound way to invite a closer connection with your Guides and Angels. Pick out some items that represent your Guides and Angels to you – symbols, jewelry charms, cards; little tokens that have meaning to you in your work with Spirit. If one of your signs is feathers make sure to collect them and put them in a nice dish or container on your altar. Does a certain flower always appear for you? Then get a picture of it and put it on your altar or even get a vase and put live flowers in it. Anything that reminds you of your personal connection with Spirit is appropriate for your altar. Altars are helpful as they provide a sacred space for you to go to and it is a gesture of love and respect for those in Spirit who work with you. An altar creates physical space for Spirit in your life – this is a way of acknowledging its importance in your life and that resonates on physical and Spiritual levels.
  • Ask for an increase in signs from Spirit. Ask them to increase the signs they send and you can ask them to help you notice the signs they already are giving you. Chances are, you already are receiving signs, you just aren’t seeing them. Doubt and fear create blocks and it can be hard to see beyond them and grasp the signs Spirit is actually sending. So, go ahead and tell them you need extra reassurance and to please increase the signs and to help you notice the signs they already are sending. Ask them for more coins, or feathers or flowers or whatever sign you get the most of from them. Asking them for help in noticing the signs helps you break out of ruts in your thinking and can give you fresh perspective and awareness.  Don’t forget to let yourself accept and acknowledge signs that come your way! When you are feeling doubt and fear, it is easy to dismiss the little symbols, signs and indications that Spirit is communicating with you. Every time you feel “was that just maybe a sign?...” YES, it was! Let yourself accept it.
  • Ground your energy. Sometimes we can get really influenced by our own or other’s energy. It builds up in the aura and can really cloud the ability to see clearly and distinguish your own real emotions and thoughts, which is key to a clear connection with Spirit. There are many ways to ground your energy. You can do a grounding meditation: imagine a grounding cord extending from your root chakra at the base of your spine down through the ground and into the center of the earth. Then visualize all of the foreign energy out the cord into the core of the Earth. You can get outside and put your hands or feet in the dirt or you can eat something grounding like root vegetables or grains. Another great way to ground your energy is to do any kind of physical exercise that works up a sweat.  Grounding and clearing is essential to discerning what is your energy and what is coming INTO your energy from elsewhere. Grounding clears you, it helps you release what is clouding your vision and energy and gives you a clear window to look out of. You probably are running into signs from Spirit all over the place, it’s just you have picked up so much dirt on your windshield you can’t see them!

Remember that every time you reach out to connect or try new ways to enhance your relationship with Spirit, it matters. Every action you take and effort you make builds your solid foundation of trust and communication. Each time you work to clarify your communication, to open your awareness and discern the Signs, you are increasing your psychic abilities and opening the connection with Spirit. All of that work you do pays off! 

Have fun with it!

With love,