Success in the eyes of Spirit

One of the amazing and eye opening experiences I have seen in readings lately is how Spirit has come through to illustrate what true success in life is. As you may guess, the Spirit view of success can be vastly different than the human definition. 

In the human world, we tend to measure success with money, material things, status and other worldly things. In the Spirit view of things, love is what is important. No act of love goes unnoticed and no act of love is too small. 

For example, I recently did a reading for a woman who loved animals. She took in animals, raised them, fostered them healed them and always had a large number of them in her house. Caring for the animal kingdom was her joy, her passion and she opened her heart to them. She was content to live alone and take care of her animals, not caring to engage much in social activities that her friends and family felt were the normal and appropriate things she should be doing. My client felt a huge gap between what her heart wanted and what the human world was telling her was the appropriate way for her to live. There was a huge disconnection between what she felt made her life successful and what society was telling her about her life. 

Then Spirit came through to give us their perspective.

Spirit showed us an innumerable number of living things this woman had cared for in her life. The love she had shown to plants and animals over the course of her lifetime was unbelievable. So many creatures, big and small, came through to thank her for her kindness to them, for taking care of them, for giving them safe and comfortable lives when no one else would. I was channeling kittens, dogs, even horses and ducks! It was absolutely amazing as I do not specialize in animal mediumship, but it was a truly wonderful experience for both my client and me. 

Spirit told her to embrace her gifts, to love herself and to just let go of other's criticisms of her. They said the most important thing was for her to show herself the love she had shown so many others. They told her that she was successful and she was already living a successful life. Her success just wasn't in the ways our society and culture deem as appropriate.

In truth, there is no act of kindness that goes unseen. There is no such thing as a small act of love. They are all the same size in the eyes of Spirit. So before you start judging your life with another person’s eyes and comparing yourself to ideas you have about what makes you important or successful – STOP! Your soul has a larger picture of what success is. Be true to your soul and open to what you truly love to do – this is how your soul measures success!