How readings grow your Soul


Soul to soul communication

Everything that comes through in a reading is soul-to-soul communication in truth and love. This is very different than the information and help we get from friends, family and even people trained to help us like life coaches, therapists and doctors.  The difference is that the information that comes through in a reading comes directly to you, unfiltered, uncluttered, unbiased and clear from your Loved Ones.  Our Loved Ones in Spirit are in the unique position of having a completely different vantage point from which to view their lives, their relationships and their choices in life. They have gone through the most feared of all life experiences – death – and are now in awareness that we are all eternal beings engaged in physical lifetimes in order to grow our souls. Your Loved Ones in Spirit can now see you, your life and choices from the perspective of the larger picture – the birds-eye view. This is what Loved Ones do in readings – they come through to speak truth to your soul to bring the highest healing and growth to all.

The vibration factor

Readings are also communication through energetic vibration and frequency – this is non-verbal energy that connects the client to me and to spirit during a reading. In a reading, my energy serves as the conducting link between my client and Spirit. Through our connection on the phone or in person, my contact with my client’s energy raises their energy to connect them directly with Spirit. In this way I act not so much as a translator but as an electrical conductor– connecting two different energies and frequencies through my own. In the process of doing this, my client’s energy is raised higher in order to receive the communication from Spirit and this energy allows room for my client’s soul to grow. In this way, readings are healings because they create the energetic space for my client’s energy to rise to a higher vibration, which is part of soul growth and evolution.


As our soul grows and we release barriers in our minds and bodies that disconnect us from our Spirits within, our energy grows larger and raises it’s vibration and our souls can move up into consciousness.  This is the key to soul growth. Mediumship readings can be powerful opportunities for soul growth – for the client and for their Loved Ones in Spirit.


Questions? Ask away!