Holding the space for healing

No one can actually heal you. People go to doctors, psychotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, physical therapists, pharmacists, life coaches, gurus, psychics, mediums, shamans all wanting to be healed. So many of us are looking to be given that golden key: the magic pill to take or formula to use that will fix us. The thing that will relieve us of our pain. But really, we heal ourselves using the tools offered by our healers. Essentially all healers really only do one thing – they create and hold the space for your Spirit to heal itself. A healer cannot make you better – it is a partnership of Spirit that occurs. The healer steps forward to create and hold the space for healing to happen and the client’s Spirit opens to receive, accept and absorb the healing offered. No matter how brilliant the doctor or how clear the channel, unless the healee chooses to pick up the mantel and carry the weight and responsibility of your their healing, nothing will happen. This means the client’s Spirit, mind and body must accept the healing. Some healings are huge steps forward, and others provide those first small but vital rays of Light in the darkness.

No one has the power to heal another, just like no one has the power to change another. We heal ourselves through our self-love, our intention, our belief and our trust. Great healers bring to their clients the best possible practices, the highest expertise, their own intensive work, their clear and open channel, their love and and care to offer their clients the highest and best opportunities for their client to use. Any energy worker or doctor will tell you that they can only take their healing so far – at some point the client must take on the responsibility of healing themselves. For mediumship clients, this means processing the information given, sitting with it, working through it to process and digest it. Then, pull out a plan of action and use discipline to follow through with it. There is an old saying that sticks with me – 90% of life is showing up. This is true – you can have every expert’s advice in the world (and what do you thing Spirit guidance is, if not the highest expert?) but if you don’t commit to following through with the changes suggested nothing will happen. Sometimes the suggestions are hard to hear. Growth is not always easy. Do you remember being a kid and struggling with growing pains? Remember how your teeth fell out and how you had to get braces, shots and sick enough as many times as it took until your body built up a strong immune system? Well, real growth is not all clouds, light and rainbows. It is digging through the dirt to find the bulb ready to bloom. It is doing the work of clearing your plot so the beautiful garden you envision can grow.

The best thing you can do in any situation where you want change, where you seek healing is to remember that the key to it’s success lies within you. Your Spirit will tell you what it needs. We just need to listen.

with love,