When you don't like what you hear from Spirit

Sometimes in readings the tone is fun, light, exciting, touching and playful. Other times not so much. Sometimes Spirit comes through to talk about tougher stuff; they bring illumination to areas in your life that aren’t in their highest state. Sometimes Spirit sheds light on the darker places. At times, in readings Spirit will discuss how my clients are avoiding things in their lives, how perhaps they are not being truly honest with themselves or with others. Spirit may encourage my client to stretch outside of their comfort zone and change things in order to really move forward into their path and purpose.

When these kinds of messages come through, it can be tempting to “cherry pick” guidance; to take what you like and discard the rest. It is easy to think, “well, that part was from Spirit – that other part maybe was wrong.” Here’s the thing – it doesn’t work that way. You can’t believe some of it and then not the part that isn’t as appealing to you. Spiritual Guidance is about growth, love and support and sometimes that love can feel like tough love. When someone loves you, really loves you, they don’t tell you what you want to hear, they tell you what they really think and what you actually need to hear. They tell you the truth.

It can also be enticing to keep asking Spirit the same question when you don’t like the answer you are getting. You keep asking in the hopes the response will be different next time. This doesn’t work. Think about it this way - how do you feel when someone asks your opinion repeatedly on the same issue over and over again and you put thought, energy and love into responding and they never heed your advice? What about that friend of yours who is in an abusive relationship and you have talked her through it, around it, offered help, given her support groups to go to, offered to house her when she first leaves him and it always ends up the same way – she goes back to him and doesn’t take any of your suggestions? At a certain point, you stop answering. You stop offering solutions and you give up. If you repeatedly ask the same question of Spirit but then refuse to follow through on the guidance they give because you don’t like it, they will eventually be quiet about it. Spirit will give you direction, ideas, encouragement and will offer you love and support as you work to make changes. But, if you keep asking the same question, taking the answer and then not using it because you don’t like what you hear, sooner or later that same question is going to stop being answered. This doesn’t mean they stop loving, supporting and encouraging you, but they will refrain from giving you guidance that you refuse to take.

The same rules for any relationship apply to yours with your Angles, Guides and Loved Ones - If you ask for an opinion, be prepared to hear it. This goes for people both in physical bodies and not currently in physical bodies, like your Spirit Guides, Angels and Deceased Loved Ones. By Although the answer may not be what you think you want to hear, by trusting Spirit and taking all of what they say, not just the “good” part, you open yourself to the opportunity for growth and transformation and your relationship with Spirit can grow and flower.

Remember, the true value of guidance lies not in its appeal to your ego, but rather to your Spirit within. 

with love,