Spiritual Growth spurts

In order for an instrument to play properly, it needs to be in tune. All of the strings or keys need to be adjusted to harmonize together. If one string is off, the instrument will not sing when played; rather it will sound grating, jarring and unsettling. This is how we also work as vibrational physical and spiritual beings. We have two aspects of ourselves that need to be in harmony. If one aspect of your life is in one key or vibration, and another is in a completely different key or vibration, you are in a state of disharmony. This can happen when you suddenly experience a change in your ability to open and connect with Spirit. Why is this what do you do about it?

Growth often happens in spurts. Remember when you were a kid and all of a sudden you grew about an inch in 2 weeks? Well, this can happen too in spiritual growth. Have you recently gone through a period where you made a huge leap in your ability to connect with Spirit? Have you suddenly grasped concepts that previously made no sense to you? Have you made a big step forward in your spiritual based business and are suddenly reaching more people than before, offering new services or just raised your prices? Are you spending more time with people who are also on a Spiritual path? Every time you reach a new level in your growth, everything else in your life has to adjust too. Your spiritual life has just raised its vibration, now everything else needs to rearrange to accommodate that.

Think about it. When you suddenly grew as a kid, nothing fit you. You may have even felt awkward and clumsy as you adjusted to the different dimensions in your body. You may have tripped more easily, or knocked things over. You may have needed more food and more sleep. When you make leaps forward in your spiritual life, your physical life needs time to catch up. In the realm of Spirit, things move at light speed and the Divine Light makes transformation and healing happen at incredibly fast rates-faster than the dense vibration of the Earth plane. This is why we work with Spirit and one of the incredible benefits of opening to Spirit. However, not every aspect of your life can absorb the same rate of change.

It's really easy to get used to the highflying vibration that Spirit brings into your life. As your interest increases, so do your abilities, your sensitivity and your vibration. As you open to Spirit you begin to spend more time hanging out in those higher vibrations-Spirit is amazing, uplifting, enlightening, powerful, and transformative. But wait a minute. You are still a human being in a human body. If you were supposed to be in the Spirit realm all the time, you wouldn't be here! Right? Right. You are here, in a body, for your own soul growth and path. There are things you came here to learn and work through too.  As both human beings and spirits, and we need to bring both dimensions of our existence into alignment with the other. Both aspects have to work together, or you exist in a state of disharmony and your engine breaks down.

You know if you're experiencing this disharmony if:

  • You are suddenly having difficulty being patient with people in your life
  • The things that you did for relaxation are not really relaxing you
  • You feel aggravated, irritable and over sensitive
  • Your wardrobe, diet, TV shows, music, or regular routines suddenly feel different or uncomfortable
  • You are experiencing emotional swings up and down
  • You generally feel "off" or unmotivated with no good reason

These are all signs that you may be experiencing spiritual growth spurts that aren't being supported by your physical life circumstances. Take a deep breath, take a moment and observe your physical life and evaluate if there are areas ready for a change to a new, higher vibration. You can fix this! Here's how:

Here are some areas to look at:

Your personal relationships with friends, family and clients. Do your boundaries need to be redrawn? Are there some friends you may need to distance from for a bit? Is there someone you are beginning to dread spending time with? Be honest.

Your leisure time. Maybe you're getting tired going to bars or clubs. Maybe your tastes are shifting in your media choices, maybe your recreational time is not feeling as relaxing as it used to. Where are you noticing the "off" feeling? Be patient as you take time to observe how you spend your time and be honest with what you see.

Your personal self-care: Maybe you are ready to shift your diet, drink more water or get more sleep. Perhaps you may want to take on fewer clients as you adjust to your new levels of sensitivity and awareness. Maybe you need some more time by yourself than usual. Maybe you need to find a new activity you enjoy that isn't about Spirit, but just about you enjoying yourself.

Remember, we have physical and spiritual selves. Both of these aspects of our existences need to be operating in the same, or harmonizing, vibrations or they are not in a state of mutual support and the system will break down. Use your new Spiritual skills of awareness and sensitivity and apply them to your own life. Find some areas where you can make some little changes-it doesn't take a major overhaul. In fact, that is even more unsettling. Just pick a couple of things to try and see how you feel. You can gently bring the other areas of your life into harmony with your beautiful, new, high-flying vibe! As always, trust yourself and your process. Need help with this? We can always look into this for personalized and unique solutions, just for you, in a reading!

With love,