How to get the better information and answers from Spirit

Our Guides, Angels and Loved Ones in Spirit are like parents, guiding you their child, through life. They can see the bigger picture, they have insight to share and they only want you to do well. Spirit responds to the questions you ask them and they can guide you into a deeper understanding of where you are, what challenge you are facing, why and how to handle it. But, they can only give you answers if you are asking them questions that allow them to get at the real issues at hand.

If you are asking questions about some area of your life and not feeling like you are really getting guidance, sometimes that can indicate that the questions you are asking are not actually what it is you want to know. Your questions may not be not giving Spirit the opportunity to give you the guidance you are seeking. Review what you are asking  - is it really the question you are looking to answer?

For example, maybe you are having relationship issues with your partner, you ask Spirit what you can do to change the situation and you are getting vague answers. This is an indication that it’s time to find the real issue. Try asking different questions to shed morelight on what it is you want to know.

What about asking things like:

  • What is in the Highest Good here?
  • How can I best help myself right now?
  • Can you help me to see what needs healing in this relationship?
  • What am I learning from this situation with this person?
  • How can I help my partner be their Highest self?
  • What do I need to release in order for this situation to move forward? What actions can I take right now to effect change for the Highest and greatest good?

These questions are different than just asking Spirit what to do. The more specific you can be about what it is you want to know, the more actionable information you will receive!

Reviewing, reworking and reframing your questions about the areas in your life you are seeking guidance on will accomplish two things:

It will help you to see the truth beneath the truth. 

Every problem area is a symptom of a larger issue at work, so in order to get at the real truth of what’s happening, your question needs to be a level deeper than just the surface of the problem. Searching for this truth beneath the truth will help you to see the forces that are actually at work. There’s the personality level of the problem (he’s drinking a lot and it’s bothering me) and there’s the Spirit level of the problem (What purpose is his drinking serving for him? How can I help him heal that?) Look for the Spirit truth, one step past the personality/ego truth.

The more specific the question, the more specific the answer. 

The more you can get closer to asking the Spirit truth, the more you will receive guidance that will show you the value and purpose of why you are going through what you are going through. Now, you may not always like what you hear, but at least you know you are getting at what it is you actually need to know from Spirit in order for your soul to grow!

Learning how to really communicate with Spirit is a life long process that is constantly changing and shifting. Taking some time to really address how and what you are asking of Spirit will bring your connection with them that much closer. If you would like some help finding the questions to ask, we can work together in a reading and get to the heart of the matter!


with love,