The REAL benefits of discipline & routine


Dancers are super disciplined. As a professional dancer, I go to ballet class when I haven't slept, when I'm injured, when it’s cold outside, when I'm sick. This is how dancers are trained and it's because through the discipline, through the act of showing up, you build a finely tuned, strong, resilient and absolutely confident tool that will perform no matter what. My husband (and everyone else in my life!) thinks I'm a little crazy at times, but it's who I am and what I do. I've been this way since I discovered dance when I was 12. And this work has paid off: I have performed in all kinds of conditions, in all kinds of shows, in all kinds of places. If it wasn’t for the work I put in, believe me, I would not have been able to pull off performing when the conditions were difficult! When I opened up to my mediumship abilities and began a regular practice of connecting with Spirit, I found that this rote discipline I had developed through dancing had some major benefits.

Here is what I learned and how you too can grow exponentially by using just a few basic tricks:

You are what you do.

You know that Nike slogan? Well, it's right, just Do It. Like, every day. Practice is everything. Every time you make yourself actually sit down to read something, meditate, write something, practice read or do guided meditations you are flexing that muscle. The more you do it; the more it becomes second nature. Everyone has gifts - the difference between someone who is a great medium, psychic, healer, writer, dancer, chef, musician and those who aren't often comes down to two things: practice and discipline. We all have the ability to connect with Spirit. The variables are how much you desire to do it and how much work you are willing to put into it.

Routine, routine.

This is key. The more consistently you set aside a certain day, time of day or just a specific amount of time to practice, the more you reap the benefits. 90% of life is showing up. This means you have to follow through on your grand plans. It just takes a little bit every day. The journey begins with a single step, so take one every day. For me, this means showing up with an open heart and mind at every reading, every time, no matter what.

Do it in little chunks.

Just make the effort to do it for 30 min, or meditate for 10. This is most definitely about quality-not quantity. A little bit everyday is golden.

Discipline and routine may sound boring, but if you have ever practiced anything, like an instrument or really any kind of skill, you know how discipline and routine pay off. It is the same with connecting with Spirit. Yes, we all have gifts and levels of ability, but don't underestimate what you can accomplish when you set your mind to it.

But the REAL value of developing habits of discipline and routine in relation to your goals in Spiritual growth is not about self-punishment – rather it is the creation and re-creation of a higher, positive image of yourself that you choose to reinforce through committed physical action. We are what we believe we are, and physical action and repetition are the follow-through steps that create the pathway to our Highest selves, and to what we want to create.

As always, we can work together in a reading with your Spiritual support team to discover your best next steps for your growth!

with love,