The REAL reasons we all have teachers on our Spiritual paths

One of the reasons we are attracted to certain people, teachers, healers and books to guide us on our Spiritual pathway is because other people hold different energetic vibrations and frequencies than we do. We are vibrational beings and we respond to the vibrations around us – we can feel it when we resonate with others, and we know it when there is a mismatch of energies. It’s like how a tuning fork works – the fork strikes the master pitch and everything rises to align with it.

There are people we are just drawn to and that we “click” with, whether it’s a person we have met, heard speak or read their writings. There are these certain people that bring out the best in us and when we are around them we feel smarter, wiser, more loving- our best selves. These are the people we get excited about and seek out. These people are our vibrational teachers. They are the people who hold that higher vibration our Spirit is seeking. They can be friends, clients, students, teachers, healers, writers, even family members. By spending time in their presence, we are learning to match our frequency with theirs. There are even sacred places on the Earth that serve this same function of offering a higher vibration for us to align ourselves with.

For example, when the vibrations between healer and healee are aligned, the healee experiences profound and transformative effects that come from a true healing. The healer is not only offering their skills, they are holding the space and the vibration for the healee’s Spirit to heal itself and align itself vibrationally. It works this way with books as well. When you read the words of an author that excites and inspires you, you are responding to the vibration they are holding. As you read their words, your vibration rises to meet theirs. You intellectually comprehend the material they offer, but your energy is rising to resonate at their frequency as well. When we find a teacher that inspires us to reach new levels, it is because their vibration is what we ourselves need. These people teach us not just with their words and actions but also with their presence, their vibration or the energetic space they occupy. Finding these people is vital to our growth. The more time we spend in those higher vibrational spaces our teachers are holding, the more our own frequency matches it and the stronger and longer we can hold that vibration ourselves.

Holding your own vibration means not allowing other energy to take you off your vibe, but instead offering such a strong vibrational space that the other energies around you rise to meet yours. This is a state of being – it’s not really about actively thinking or acting in a certain way. It is a vibrational state. The Ascended Masters such as Jesus Christ and Buddah, are examples of beings able to hold their vibrations at an enlightened level and so create and hold the space that allows others to rise to join it.

We need different things during different stages of our growth. This is why it is important to allow the teachers, friends, clients and students to ebb and flow, to come and go, in our lives. What and who excites you at one point, won’t at another.  As your vibration shifts and elevates, your relationship to everyone and everything else shifts as well. When we allow the fluctuations in our friendships and the shifts in our desires to guide us, we honor and facilitate our growth and we give our selves the space to find the higher vibration our Spirits seek.

Don’t forget that this works both ways – I am sure there are people in your life who seek you out because you are holding that higher vibration they need.

Notice who and what draws you in – who inspires you and who do you want to be with, who’s words can you not wait to read? These are people holding a vibration your Spirit needs right now. If you find yourself feeling like you don’t have that spark of excitement in your life, ask your Guides and your own Higher Self to guide you to the next person who is holding that higher vibration that you are ready for.

Then get ready to fly!

With love,