Why didn't I recognize all the Spirits that came to my reading?

Generally speaking, 98% of the time when you have a reading with a medium you are going to be able to identify the Spirits coming through with messages for you. Spirits take time and effort to bring forward specific information and details that will help you identify them. After all, Spirits want to get past the identification part of the reading and on into the good stuff, which is the messages for you. This is what they come to do - to connect with you with messages. So if you have a reading and can’t identify the Spirits that come through, you really aren’t going to get to the messages and you need to look at why this is happening.

Consider these common reasons below:

Your emotional state

If you are in a frantic, emotional or grief stricken state it will be difficult for you to consider the information being presented to you in a calm and logical way. In order to identify Spirit, you need to have an open mind and heart and give them the opportunity to come forward with information for you. If you are blocked in by your own emotions or stress, it is hard to have an open and considerate mind and heart.

Are you dead-set on hearing from one or two specific people in Spirit?

This attitude can block out all other attempts from other Spirits to communicate with you. When your mind is fixed on a specific person or people, you are not giving Spirit the opportunity to appear to you as they choose to. It is quite possible that by fixating on that one person in a specific way, you are actually missing them when they are right there trying to communicate with you. Spirit comes as they choose to for very specific reasons. It’s possible that your father will show up looking healthy and fit as he did earlier in his life and not sickly and frail as he did at the end. If you are fixated on him in that ill state, you might not recognize the man who is at your reading trying to communicate with you and show you how he is back at his best health now on the Other Side. So, not only can fixating on one or two people in Spirit block out others, it can actually block out the very people you want to see by closing your mind off to any way they could appear other than the one picture you have in your mind about them.

Are you trying to force a reading?

Have you been trying to get a reading immediately but can’t seem to find a medium who is available? Did you set one up then have some circumstance come up that delayed or cancelled the reading? These are messages from Spirit that the timing is not quite right for you to have a reading. Spirit comes through best when things are aligned for you – these things include timing and finding the right medium. If you are trying to force it, stop, step back and give the situation to Spirit. Ask them what is best and you will be guided to the medium and timing that best serves you.

Have you done your part?

Most mediums have information on their websites about how to get the most out of your reading experience. I send my clients a full email with detailed information about how to best prepare for a reading and what to expect. I do this because a reading is not just about the medium spouting out information – it is about the client receiving that information. In order to receive well, you need to be prepared for the experience. Before your reading, ask yourself: Have I reviewed those I know in Spirit? Am I in a focused listening state? Do I have an open mind and heart?

Before blaming Spirit or the universe or the medium that you didn’t have the reading you wanted, think it through. Every Spirit that shows up has done so for a reason. Review the people who did come and ask yourself if you may know them after all. Did you honestly do everything you could to open yourself to the best reading experience you could have? There are no shortcuts to a good reading, just as there are no shortcuts to any experience that offers true growth, healing and transformation. Every reading has three participating groups – the medium, the client and Spirit. Each group needs to do their part to create the best possible reading experience. By taking responsibility for your part and showing up with an open and clear heart and mind, you are giving yourself and Spirit a real opportunity to connect.

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Questions? Please, ask away!


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