Your body responds to a reading

Sometimes after a reading clients will experience some physical symptoms. While these vary from person to person, experiencing physical after-effects is not uncommon, especially if you have never had a reading or an energetic healing before. Why is this and what are some of the symptoms you may experience?

Why physical symptoms happen

A reading is a direct experience with Spirit. Spirit exists in the Divine Light. This is Source, or God, energy. This is powerful, pure and transformative. It is a higher energetic vibration, or frequency, than we live in here in physical life on Earth. When you come into contact with the Divine Light, whether through a mediumship reading, an energy healing of some kind, or even in meditation, you are introducing a high, pure and different vibration into your physical, mental and energetic systems. This is real and this affects you. How does this happen in a reading and what are some effects?

The reason to have a reading is to connect the client with their Spiritual team of supporters; their Guides, Angels and Loved Ones who love and watch over them. This means getting everyone in the same space and time together.  The medium is the facilitator, or host, of this connection. Picture this: the medium decides to throw a small gathering at her place and starts getting things ready. She cleans, sets up some snacks and puts on her hostess dress. Then she invites those people in Spirit who are close to the client to come to the party. These people show up. These are the client’s Spirit Guides, Angels, Deceased Loved Ones - whomever is in the best interest for the client at this particular point in time shows up at the party. Everyone's excited, as it is at this specific party that the special celebrity guest will arrive. This special guest is the person they have been wanting to connect with; the one they have been calling but who hasn't necessarily been home to take their calls. So, Spirit is excited to be in the same room with this person with an opportunity to connect and communicate. After everyone in Spirit has had their opportunity to come in and get comfortable, the medium then invites the special guest, the client, to the party.

The moment the client gets on the phone with the medium is when everyone is at the party at the same place and time. From then on, the medium acts as translator for the people at the party: translating information from Spirit to the client. This is the whole point of a reading; to get everyone together in the same room and have a conversation. To have a conversation, Spirit uses energy– this is their language. They don't have voice boxes. They can't talk the way we do using our physical bodies. So they send energy in different forms. The medium receives the information through their own energetic, or chakra, system and translates it through their physical body and gives it out to the client with their voice, or throat chakra. Imagine you are sitting at a table with a translator and a person speaking a foreign language. You may understand and be focused primarily on the translator, but you are still hearing and receiving from information from the speaker. You are still part of the conversation. So in a reading, the client is also receiving information in the form of energy from Spirit because they are present and part of the conversation, or energetic link, occurring. This direct contact with Spirit, with the Divine Light, can cause the client's own energetic system to respond and the energy begins to flow. It is like a jumpstart to your car battery; blockages start moving and chakras start opening and when these things happen, very real physical symptoms can result.

What are the symptoms?

Some of these common symptoms that can occur after readings are also common to those that occur after energy healing of all kinds: tenderness in the crown and third eye chakras, headaches, generally feeling “off”, excessively tired or the opposite – feeling jumpy or like you can’t sleep. You might even feel flu-ish or like a cold is coming on. Or, you may feel a burst of energy. You might get really thirsty or hungry, or you may not have an appetite. Everyone is different and their body responds differently to the high vibration energy from Spirit. All of these symptoms are indications that your energetic system has experienced an influx of the Spiritual energy that was flowing during the reading/healing.

So how long does this last and what do you do?

First, if you haven't already, educate yourself on the chakra system. Check out this great article on how the physical and energetic systems are interrelated by Shamana Sarah Petruno here. Then try some grounding and clearing meditations to move your energy. Then, set up a reading with a medium or a healing with an energy practitioner to help move your energy or to find out directly from Spirit what your best next steps are.

Experiencing physical effects from readings is a great sign that your Spirit is ready to make some changes. If you are experiencing symptoms, it means your system is responding to the high vibration from Spirit and indicates that you are ready to begin working on a Spiritual path. Another way to look at it is that your aches and pains are your Spirit speaking to you through your physical body: it's ready for you to start paying closer attention to your true self within.

Wondering what your best next steps are? Let's connect with your Spirits to find out!

with love,