4 Easy ways to increase your spiritual abilities

1. Clearing chakras. Get some energy work done. In any energy healing practice (reiki, crystal healing, pranic healing, etc.) attention is paid to the state of the chakras and clearing them of residual, stuck or stagnant energy that resides in them. As these old blockages are freed through the channeling of energy through each of your chakras and in turn through the entire chakra system, energy that no longer serves you is released, thus clearing you to be open to the information constantly flowing to you from Spirit. Learn more about how to clear your own chakras here.

2. Open your ear chakras. How do you differentiate the voices in your head? Well, for one thing it is helpful to begin to notice all of the different ones you’re hearing in there. A great way to practice this is to listen to classical music. Really? Yes. A symphony is a combination of different musical instruments with their own lines of music interweaving together to produce one multilayered sound. Try listening to the same Mozart piece a few times, focusing on a different instrument each time. This really trains your ear to hear the difference between what your ego, your Spirit and your Guides and Angels all sound like, as they are all unique sounds and different vibrations, just like instruments.

3. Get better at noticing details. Noticing signs and communicating with Spirit is all about learning to recognize subtlety. Spirit communicates using visual and audio cues and gives you impressions and sensations that can be easy to miss if you aren’t paying attention. So the more you can increase your ability to notice details, the more you will hone your Spirit communication skills. When you are able to clearly remember and explain things that you see, hear and feel, you increase your ability to identify your experiences with Spirit as well as communicate what you are receiving from them, whether that is for yourself or others. Easy practice: in the next conversation you have with someone, try to remember and repeat the conversation word for word after the fact. Challenge yourself to recall every item of clothing, as well as the facial expressions and vocal intonations used. This is a great way to strengthen your ability to pick up detail and subtlety, which are essential parts of any communication with Spirit. By default you also will improve your communication skills with your friends and family still here on Earth, which is always a plus!

4. Fine tune your ability to sense differences in energy. One of the most overlooked abilities is clairsentience, or the ability to feel Spirit. An easy way to heighten your sensitivity of the energy you feel is to practice holding your focus on different objects at a time. Try this with things that exude natural life force – crystals, plants and rocks are great objects to use. Try closing your eyes and holding one of these in your hands for 3-5 minutes. Just focus on what you are receiving from each object. Describe each one either on paper or out loud. You will be surprised at how much you pick up! You can also practice this using other people’s jewelry and keys – items that are handled frequently hold a lot of energy.

The key to all of these exercises is to do them with a sense of play, fun and imagination. The more you allow yourself to relax and enjoy, the more you will get out of it!

with love,