Books! What to read for Spiritual growth.

Reading is the fundamental method I use again and again on my pathway of Spiritual growth. I cannot emphasize enough how much reading has given me in my growth process. In fact, I have a core set of books (that is ever expanding) that I use on a daily basis to help me to deepen, understand, trust and develop my Spirituality and connection to Spirit. I have divided my most used and referenced books into different categories for different reasons and uses. On the blog I will begin to post regular book reviews, and I will start here with this post to identify and explain which books I use and why.

The first category of books I will talk about are those that I use to raise my vibration and that help me to open my awareness so I am able to connect to a Higher perspective and wisdom. I consider these books to be part of the basis for my Spiritual growth and of my Spiritual philosophy.

The energy and ideas contained in these books resonate at a particular level and vibration. The books themselves act as a tuning fork; the vibration they resonate sound out a harmonic that our energy rises to meet as we read them. The wisdom, energy and vibration that are contained in the written word create an actual energetic signpost, and the very act of reading the words allows our own energy to rise and meet the energy behind the words. The raise in our vibration as we read creates an opening; a new beginning, a new connection to our Higher Selves and to Spirit. By reading books written at a higher vibration, our own energy rises to meet that higher vibration and a pathway is made. In effect, we create the room and vibration within ourselves to take in more Light and our connection to the Higher realms is increased. The more Light we bring into to ourselves from different sources the easier it is for us to integrate our Spiritual growth into every aspect of our lives.

As I have discussed in other blog posts, growth is an ebb and flow process. It is a process of integrating the Light and wisdom from the Higher realms into every aspect of our beings. This means there are times when we feel crystal clear and connected to our higher perspective, to our Guides and to Spirit and there are other times when our fear and doubt seem to shut the door and we feel blocked and lost. These books serve as door openers for me– they help me to shift my energy when I am in the down spots of growth so I can again find my connection to my Higher self and to Spirit. They are some of the books I go to again and again to remind myself of the basics of soul growth; how to be in touch with my Spirit and how to connect with the Higher realms. These books contain Higher wisdom being brought to our physical plane by other teachers and channels.

Roman, Sanaya. Personal Power Through Awareness. Tiburon: HJ Kramer, Inc., 1986.

This book is the first one of a series written by channel Sanaya Roman who channels her high, wise and gentle Guide Orin. The Orin book series are a wonderful resource for connecting to the vibrations of the Higher dimensions. This book helps you to see how the images you create of yourself create your life experience. It helps us to take responsibility for the lives we have and helps us to see how the circumstances we create serve to offer higher soul growth and learning. There are simple exercises in each chapter that serve to assist with integrating the ideas into your life. This book is a great introduction to Spiritual growth and helps the reader identify within themselves how they are affected by energy, how to separate from the energy around you, how to open your awareness both to your inner self and to your guides and the Higher wisdom available to you at all times. This book provides excellent guidance on how to identify and release images and thought forms that serve to limit your identity and experience.

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Roman, Sanaya. Spiritual Growth. Tiburon: HJ Kramer, Inc., 1989.

This is the third book in the Orin series. This book introduces the Higher Self and offers easy to learn processes to help you become your Higher Self in your daily life, how to connect with the upper dimensions for guidance, manifesting the life you want and how to become a source of light. The vibration this book offers allows you to gain a greater understanding of the purpose of higher wisdom and Guides as well as offers practical methods for integrating Spiritual growth into your daily life. The meditation exercises are a great resource for learning to focus your mind and use it to manifest and connect to the Higher realms.

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Tolle, Eckardt. The Power of Now. Vancouver, B.C.:  Namaste, 1999.

This book introduces the simple but profound meaning of presence, and the difference between the Spirit and the ego. The book defines and outlines the challenges inherent in our physical lives and how to identify and operate from the larger, eternal presence within. The vibration of this book is expansive, calm and peaceful. It creates a space for us to separate from our egos and begin to give attention and awareness to our Spirits - the Divine identity within. Tolle’s writing helps the reader to separate and identify “problems” in our lives as issues of the ego and help to shine light on the greater presence within and how our lives on earth are meant to serve this greater presence and purpose.

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Zukav, Gary. The Seat of the Soul. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1989.

This book introduces the basic challenges and meaning of soul growth evolution through incarnation. This is an excellent book to go to in order to understand the larger, higher meaning of the challenges we face and their purpose in our soul growth.  The chapters each discuss major themes that each human experiences in their life such as Karma, Addiction, Reverence, Choice (to name a few) and discusses each as an integral and vital aspect of our soul growth path. There is great explanation about the five sensory versus six sensory human being; how decide to live your life with an awareness of the nonphysical realms and how guidance serves to give perspective and meaning to the challenges you face.

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This is just a starting point.  I would love to hear which books resonate with you. Please feel free to comment below or send me an email!

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