Why does the connection to Spirit gets cloudy at times and your growth seem to slow down?

This is something I struggle with and I have asked Spirit for guidance on why this is and what to do about it.

This is what they have told me:

Opening to Spirit changes everything. As you grow Spiritually and connect with Spirit more often and more deeply, you begin to spend more time in true presence of your Higher self which allows you to separate from your lower self – your ego. As you connect with your own Spirit and with your Guides, Angels and Loved Ones, you separate from the worldview you have always identified with and you begin to separate from the patterns and programs that you have grown up with. As you open to your Spiritual pathway, you begin to pull away from the patterns, pain and thought forms in your ego that you have created and taken on in your personality as a result of being a human being living a physical life. As you open to Spirit you begin to open to a wider, higher perspective of your life and purpose. Spiritual growth and connection to Spirit is the opposite of the self created pain “problems” created by your ego ; connection to Spirit is connection to your own Divine truth within and the truth that there is much more to your existence than only day to day challenges. You begin to see that life is eternal and not a finite birth to death journey. You begin to know the truth that lies above and beyond the here and now of physical life. You begin to open to the world that exists unseen but alongside of the physical world.

This realization that you are connected to and a part of a larger and eternal flow of life is a life changing awakening. It shakes the very foundation of every perspective, relationship and understanding that you have developed up to this point in your life. This is big and it has big effects on you.

As I have mentioned in other posts, Spiritual growth ebbs and flows which means you fluctuate between your new expanded growth state and the patterns you are progressively leaving behind. When you take in more light and rise to a new and higher perspective through your increasing connection to Spirit, you feel better and better. Your vibration rises and you spend more time in the higher vibrations. But, your ego fights this. Your patterns of thinking are ingrained in you and they don’t want to let go. So, things, people and events may trigger your patterns. You may have an issue with a friend, or an argument with your mom or spouse or something that just takes you off your clear and high vibration and you begin to feel the doubt and fear creep in and old patterns of emotions and thought reassert themselves and before you know it you are feeling pretty disconnected and low.

Old vs. New. Now, because you have been on high, working to raise and clear your energy and connecting to vibrations higher than yours, when you feel that drop back into the ego it feels even lower than before. Before you even did any Spiritual work, you operated at a lower vibrational level, but you didn’t know any better. It was just the norm. When you begin re-patterning yourself and bringing in the higher wisdom and vibrations from Spirit you rise out of that lower state of being that is dominated by your ego and your own programs and patterns of the mind. So, low feels even lower than it did before.

But I assure you – all is still well. You haven’t lost anything and in fact you are gaining even more perspective and tools as you compassionately and lovingly bring yourself back to your new normal – high and clear. When you are feeling low, you are only just noticing all of the great work you have done by experiencing the vast difference between your new normal high vibrational state accomplished through the beautiful clear vibrations you have brought into your life through connecting to Spirit and the old you – the lower vibrational state you were in before connecting to Spirit.

Accept and validate. The first step in in pulling out of a Spiritual growth slump is to understand why you are experiencing it and to accept it. So, congratulate yourself for all of the hard work you have done and have compassion for yourself as you integrate all of the high vibrations you are now bringing into your life with all of the old patterns you are releasing. This takes time. Trust your self and your growth and know that whatever hardship you are moving though right now will only serve to strengthen and deepen your connection to Spirit as you move through and transcend it. Trust that the lows only serve as reminders of where you have been and what you are leaving behind. Trust that integrating Spirit into your life is a process that does not happen overnight and honor yourself as you commit to this self evolution.

Look for my next post with actions to take to pull yourself out of the slump and back into a high and clear connection to Spirit!

With love,