Take action! Getting rid of doubt & fear.

As we all know, we each experience times when we feel our growth is blocked or stalled. Here are some more ways to get the juices flowing and clear your connection to Spirit:

  • 1. Write to Archangel Michael: Working with the Archangels is a powerful way to get the energy and drive you need to move forward. Get ready to connect with Spirit directly! Find a quiet space and time where you can be undisturbed. Light a candle and get a pen and paper or opens a word document on our computer.

Start with a simple question: Archangel Michael, please work with me now. What do I need to release in order to be fully on my path and purpose?

Then, just let yourself write. It may take a second to get going, but your hand will begin to move. Try not to engage your mind too much in this process. Trust that what is coming out needs to come out. Let Archangel Michael guide you to identify issues, situations people, places, things, and events that need to be released from your energy in order to move forward. Often when we are experiencing doubt or fear, we are coming up against old issues or blocks that our personalities have held onto. These fears block us from a clear connection to our own Spirits, and a clear connection to other Spirits as well. Automatic writing under the guidance and protection of Archangel Michael is a great way to get direct guidance on what you need to release. Write until you are finished then review it. You will be surprised by what comes through! Then take the paper and burn it or immerse it in water. By doing this, you change the energetic state of the paper and the information it contains so can be fully released.

  • 2. Work with Archangel Raziel. Archangel Raziel is the Archangel that oversees past life information and access. Set aside some time for meditation. Get into a comfortable position (I like to stand, but some people, sit or lie down). Clear your mind, get a pen and paper and ask Archangel Raziel to guide you to any past life experiences that you need to release in order to be fully in your power now. Allow yourself to experience and move through whatever sensations, emotions, images, sounds-anything that comes up. Try to let your self be open to whatever happens. If you feel this meditation didn't really get there, try again the next day. There is no right or wrong with this, the important thing is to set the intention and open yourself to that part of you that Archangel Raziel wants to show you now. The key to success in this exercise is to realize that you hold all the knowledge of your past life experiences within you and you can access them. You can of course work with a regressionist, as well, but don’t underestimate your ability to find and access the information you most need now. You may find that you see or experience information easier than you imagined. Don't discard or judge what you experience - let it flow. Sometimes this can be emotional and it may take more than one time to clear your energy. Let yourself be guided in this process. There are many, many guided past life meditations out there. Explore and find one that works for you.
  • 3. Clear out negativity by taking an Epsom salts bath. Surprise! Sometimes the blocks you feel aren’t coming from you! You may be picking up on other people’s energies. Maybe a friend, spouse, child or other person close to you is having a rough time and you are picking up on it. Maybe you spent soem time in a store, office or house that had some not so great energy in it. If you re working on opening your psychic abilities and your connection to Spirit, chances are you are opening up to and picking up on more than your realize. It’s time to clear all of that other people’s stuff out of you! Use as much salt as you want  as the salts serve to clear your aura and help to release any stuck or caught energy. You can also add a couple of drops of Peppermint oil  - this is a great addition to a cleansing bath and helps to dispel any negative energy released.
  • 4. Call upon your joy guide. We all have a joy guide or two given to us just to help us find levity in our lives. Feeling like you need some laughter and lightheartedness? Call upon your joy guide to arrange this for you. You may come across a new comedy, a new book, a friend that makes you laugh may unexpectedly show up or if you are a parent your child may do some things that crack you up. The best way to quickly release negativity is to raise your vibration and laughter is a quick way to do that.
  • 5. Do something creative. Write, paint, dance, draw, sing! Expressing your feelings can do a lot to release them. When you approach any creative act with the intention of letting it be your link to your Spirit, you create a clear avenue or channel of light from your heart outwards. I find that entering into a creative act not only gets my mind focused on something positive, it also becomes a de facto outlet for my feelings and helps me to let them go and enter into a higher state of being. In fact, the creative state can be another avenue for opening to Spirit communication. Many artists enter into a channel state when creating. (More on this in another post!) For now, focus on putting your hand, mind and body into a creative act and let the feelings flow out. Even if you don;t fancy yourself a “creative” person  - do yourself a favor and try something to let your feelings flow out.

Releasing fears and doubts is a continual process. As you reach new levels of Spiritual knowingness and communication, you also reach new depths within yourself. You can encounter things you have done a great deal of work during your life to push down, ignore or forget. Encountering these things is not so fun, but you can take heart in knowing that they are big road signs that show you are in fact on the right path!

What works to clear doubt and fear for you at one point, may not be what you need at another point. Trust your inner guidance and know that wherever your healing leads you, it is the perfect place for you right now. Doubts and fears only serve to separate you from the Divine-the Divine that exists both within you and in the Spirit world, which is always all around you.

When you feel doubt crop up, don't panic, just recognize it is a normal part of Spiritual growth and will pass as you take action to release it and reconnect with Spirit. You will find that the more times you go through this process, the more trust you will have that these ups and downs serve a greater purpose by challenging you to strengthen and commit to your journey. When you find that easy clarity with Spirit again, it will be stronger, higher and more integrated into your entire self.

As always, if you want help identifying any blocks, issues or want more specific information from your Guides, Angles and Loved Ones we can work together in a reading or coaching session!

With love,