Transforming fear & doubt

Are you all too familiar with the doubt and fear that can come with Spiritual growth? Me too. So, what can we do to break out of a low cycle?

1. Use the tools of the trade. When I feel it’s difficult for me to receive direct guidance for myself from Spirit because I am feeling overly emotional, murky or unclear, I go to my oracle cards. Cards and Divination tools are alternative ways you can use to connect with your Spiritual supporters. If you don’t read cards, then use a tool that resonates with you: pendulums, tarot or oracle cards, rune stones and the I Ching are examples of Divination tools. I encourage you to experiment and find what resonates with you. Divination tools are simply ways to find a connection with Spirit . Tools can be helpful when:

  • You feel trapped in your own emotions
  • When connection to Spirit feels unclear
  • When you are having trouble seeing/feeling Signs from Spirit
  • Tools can be useful things to employ to help break the doubt/fear pattern and can be great ways to forge or strengthen your connection to Spirit. If you feel you aren’t hearing your Guides and Angels clearly, using a tool can help you reconnect and gain confidence and clarity in your communication. If you are looking for a Divination tool, I suggest going to a metaphysical bookstore and looking at the tools they have available. Look over the selection they have and pick out whatever tool appeals to you. Be sure to follow the guidebook or instructions on how to begin using the tool, clear your mind and use your tools to connect to Spirit. The only thing I believe is not useful is the ouija board, because there is no sacred space on a ouija board and any Spirit that’s hanging around can jump into the action. You don’t need or want this, as you only work with Spirits in the Light. So, choose something that works in alignment with your Higher intentions like the tools mentioned above.

I find that the more specific you can be in your questions, the more fruitful the outcome will be. Remember that Guides and Angels have a high, birds-eye view of what is happening in your life and they have an enormous amount of information to impart to you. Ask them exactly what you want to know. This can be challenging, as it forces you to really articulate what you want guidance on. I believe when asking from Guidance from Spirit they don’t want to just give the answers, they want to empower you to find the answers as well. So, the more you do to understand the issues you are inquiring about, by narrowing down exactly what the issue is you have questions about, the more specific and usable the guidance will be when you receive it.

2. Use affirmations. My Guides and Angles emphasize that the power of affirmations can really work to your advantage. Think about it: every thought you have creates your reality. The more you spend time thinking about something, the more you see it or experience it in your physical reality. So, use the power of thought to your advantage and re-program yourself. There are many, many people in Spirituality who emphasize the power of affirmations, and this is because they work. I work on saying affirmations whenever I catch my mind wandering, or even when I have the urge to aimlessly look at my phone or email. I say these affirmations walking down the street. The more you create a positive, loving interior space the more you will be receive to the Higher vibrations coming at you from Spirit.

These are some I use to increase my connection to Spirit:

  • I am profoundly clairvoyant
  • I am completely connected to Spirit
  • I ask for and receive guidance
  • I am in perfect alignment with my soul’s plan for this lifetime
  • It is easy for me to feel, see and hear Spirit.

The last thing before you go to bed tonight, pick one of these to say for a couple of minutes before you go to sleep.

3. Raise your vibration You don’t fight fire with fire – you fight fire with water. So, when you feel you are trapped in your mind or ego, don’t try to think your way out of it – do the opposite. The law of attraction says like attract like, so the more you are feeling negatively, the more you attract that down energy. So, create the opposite. Become the energy you want to be. How? Laugh, laugh laugh. This is the fastest and easiest way to get out of your head and into your Spirit. You can also listen to music, read, watch a movie, go for a walk, work outside and get your hands in the dirt. Just accept how you feel, don’t criticize your self for feeling disconnected and put your focus elsewhere. Ruminating, judging and resenting your own state of being in low moments do not help. In fact, those self-critical actions and thoughts only serve to perpetuate the low vibrations you are already feeling. So fight fire with water – bring in fun to lift your Spirit!


4. Get a reading or a healing. Sometimes you need to unpack fear in order to release it. Healings and clearing your energy are ways of uncovering where the fear is located within you. You can then pull it out and shine light upon it. Light shining on fear dissolves it. Connect with a medium, a Reiki healer, a shaman, a crystal healer, a past life regressionist or other intuitive professional to help you identify your issues and identify ways to release them. Maybe you have something hanging on from a past life that is rearing its head. Maybe you have cords pulling at you that you need to cut. Maybe you need some clearing work. Sometimes you may need help, and that’s totally fine. That’s what all of psychics, intuitive practitioners and us mediums are here for. We are here to help you and your Spiritual well being on your growth path.

4. Practice self-love and validation. As strong as the urge is, do not criticize yourself for feeling disconnected. Trust that what you are experiencing is showing you where you need to heal most. Love yourself. What Spirit continually shows me when I am experiencing the challenge of feeling low or stuck or disconnected and like my growth has stalled is that self-validation is first and foremost. This means believe yourself with the signs appearing around you and recognize that many times if you are not feeling or seeing them, that what is separating you from seeing clearly is only fear and fear is showing you the very place within yourself where you need to love yourself more.

Let yourself believe and trust that things are as good as you think they may/could be and realize that anything holding you back from that greatness is fear and that is an illusion.

Any thought or feeling that makes you feel “less than” in any way is fear. And that is showing you the every place within you that is asking for more Light and love. I learn this through dancing as well – where I feel pain and disconnection in my body are the very places that need my love and attention. This is the same for what is happening within you as you grow Spiritually. Sending love and light to the places in yourself where you feel the most resistance to growth is to practice self love and self acceptance – it is bringing the Divine into the places where there is separation from it. Simply recognizing the places where you feel fear and sending love to them is the first and most fundamental step in healing. Self love and self-validation and trust are the basis for complete integration with your Higher self and all Spiritual growth.

Challenge transformed

Recognize that if you are experiencing the same challenge/obstacle over and over again in many different circumstances or relationships then it likely is one of the lessons that your soul has chosen for this lifetime. It could be self-doubt, giving/receiving love, leadership, self-expression, etc. By choosing to keep working to move beyond it until you can release it, your greatest challenge also can become your greatest strength, and the very thing you will be able to teach others how to overcome.

With love,