The biggest block to Spirit

What is the biggest block to connecting to Spirit-your own Spirit or other souls in Spirit such as your Guides, Angels and Loved Ones?


That is the biggest obstacle. It is fear in its many myriad forms that confronts us at every turn of our Spiritual growth. Fear of the Spirits themselves. Fear of letting go of the ego's dominance. Fear of looking within our own hearts. Fear of actually hearing or knowing the truth about ourselves. What is this fear? Why do we have it and where does it come from?

We weren't always this way. I remember as a child feeling a striking clarity about the world around me. I recall viewing the adults in my life and thinking to myself that they made their lives so much more complicated than necessary. If they would only just listen to their hearts and know deeply that all is well - that no matter what happened, all is well, then they could release the petty difficulties that seemed to be dominating their lives. Why is this? How could a child have that kind of insight? It's because I had not "grown up" enough to be conditioned by the world to disconnect from my Spirit yet. I was still living from my heart and my Spirit. As a child I lacked the intellectual development that can so often serve to cloud the Spirit's clarity and that can drown out the gentle voice within. As children we are still connected to our Spirits. This is why many children can see their Angels, Guides and Loved Ones. This is why children can see straight through any fakeness or deceit. Children know instinctively when someone is not what they say they are. This is because they are living from their Spirits.

Think back to your childhood. What do you recall having crystal clear insights about? I bet there are somethings that you knew immediately about the adults around you, even if you did not have the words to articulate them at the time. I bet you knew all about the various adults in your life-who to trust, who was not who they appeared to be and who really loved you. This knowing came from your Spirit. I bet some of you even had "imaginary friends", who were in fact your Spirit friends and family. I am sure there are some of you who can recall hearing, seeing and/or feeling Spirits.

So, what happened? Why do we seem to lose this connection to ourselves? Why do we find ourselves at some much later point in our lives attempting to reconnect to the very thing that was so simple as a child?

The world happened. The physical world conditions us to operate from a place of fear. We are told in a multitude of ways, both explicit and subliminal, that we are not to trust those stirrings deep within. We are taught that we should focus instead on the exterior world; we are taught how to make things look right in comparison to others. We are taught to judge others in relation to ourselves. We separate on every level from our Spirits. Then we wonder why we are so unhappy. We reach a point where we look our lives and feel isolated, depressed and deeply dissatisfied. This happens, I believe, no matter what path you take in life.

So what is this fear that the entire world revolves around? What is this deeply set unarticulated fear at the base of every attempt to build our egos, separate from others and accumulate things as opposed to listen to our spirits?

The fear of death. This is at the root of all fear.

In my work with Spirit, one of the most profound things I hear from Deceased Loved Ones is how their own fear kept them from saying things, doing things and loving others in the way they most wanted to. Because our Deceased Loved Ones have crossed the ultimate divide they know that there is in fact no death. Our Spirits are immortal. We are Spiritual beings on a constant journey of experience that includes both physical lifetimes and time spent in the Spiritual dimensions. Our Deceased Loved Ones are now completely free of the one thing that keeps all of us from living as fully and as openly and as courageously as our Spirits want us to. This is the fear that we disappear when we die. In readings, your Loved Ones come with messages about things that they left unfulfilled and unexpressed during their physical lives. This unfinished business was because they were afraid-afraid to be themselves, to say what they felt, to take responsibility. Loved Ones often communicate that they feared to live their lives fully and as it is intended to be lived-which is free of the fear that death ends it all. Loved Ones encourage their loved ones here on earth to follow their hearts, to open to love in all of its forms and to forget what other people think of them.

How would you feel if you knew you were completely loved, safe and protected at all times? How would you feel to know that no matter what, who and what truly matters to you can never really be taken away? How would it change your daily life and decisions if you knew deeply that you cannot make a mistake-that everything you do is designed to bring you closer to your own Sprrit and to God? Try just opening to this idea. Does it change anything?

Opening to Spirit allows us to relinquish the fear of death as the end. Mediumship and connecting with Spirit shows us that death is just a transition from one energetic state to another. We are all on a soul journey, and this is just one part of it. Our Deceased Loved Ones, Guides and Angels offer us a great service-they show us the miracle that is eternal life. 

With love,