The Two Truths

How can there be two truths? What in the world does that mean? I thought there was only 1 truth. This is what you are probably saying as you read this title, and in fact it was what I myself first thought when I received guidance in a reading from another gifted and amazing medium recently. And yes, of course mediums get readings too – we get readings in order to be sure we are as much up on our game as possible both personally and professionally so we are able and clear to help others.

The guidance I received was about starting to talk to people about the two truths – the truth you tell yourself and the truth that comes from the deeper, unchangeable and eternal part of you.

At first I wasn’t so sure if I knew how to do this. But as usual, Spirit sent me the perfect situation so I could better understand. I had a reading with a client of mine who has a lot of trouble with finances. I don’t mean that this person is always broke or anything like that, but they do have more of what I would call an existential conflict with money. What this means is that he is reasonably successful, but not as much as he would like to be. But, when opportunities come up for him to take steps that would perhaps help propel him into the very successful financial bracket, he opts out. He makes decisions that take him away from the success that he so desperately claims that he wants. He does this again and again. Why does he do this?

If you ask him, he will tell you that he’s terrible with money, that he doesn’t know how to manage it at all – that he basically is financially illiterate. OK, so most of us can stand to be better money managers, but this self-professed ignorance is coming from someone with a cream of the crop education. I’m talking about someone who was handpicked for one of the most elite, specialized programs in his profession in the world. Smarts is not his problem. So, what’s the deal? Well in a reading, we found out.

Spirit showed us that in a previous lifetime he had been a young man who came from a privileged family who decided to discard it all – family, wealth, education - and went on a spiritual quest where he gave away all of his belongings, took a vow of poverty and became a monk.

So, his soul had taken a vow that precluded him from welcoming any financial comfort into his life. In this previous lifetime, his soul went on a profound spiritual journey where he vowed he would no longer adhere to the standards and practices of life at the time and instead he chose to live out his life dedicated to finding inner peace in silence and poverty. Pretty intense. By the way, the difference between a vow and a promise is huge. A vow you take from the soul, a promise you make with your mind and personality. Vows are for real: they have meaning and carry weight. This is why we have them; in order to really, truly and profoundly commit to something we want at the deepest core of ourselves. This is why they are called marriage vows, and not marriage promises.

So, what we discovered in this reading was that not that he didn’t think he was worthy of having money; it was rather that he felt money wasn’t worthy of him. Big difference. A part of his soul still felt that to have money would be breaking his vow.

This is a great example of two truths at work. There’s the truth he kept coming back to in his mind, that basically he wasn’t any good at the money game so that’s why he couldn’t seem to get a hold of his money in a satisfying way; and there was the deeper soul truth that a part of his soul was still living under the vow of poverty and to make money would break that vow. His soul still was committed to poverty as a spiritual practice and for his soul, having money was something to disdain and discard.

So what did we do to help him with this? Usually, once the two truths are illuminated and brought to scrutiny beside one another it becomes crystal clear which is the deeper truth. The deeper truth is the meaning and reason that lies behind the reason you fall back on every single time a particular issue comes up for you – be it self-worth, finances, love, weight issues, etc. As soon as it was brought to light for my client, there was an emotional release, a moment of recognition and then relief. Then, he did the work of releasing it himself with affirmations and his new perspective of the truth behind the truth. And you know what? The truth really does set you free – the real truth that is.

Uncovering and decoding these two truths is central to what Opening to Spirit is all about. It is about looking at your life from a new and higher perspective. It’s about peering behind the curtain of the surface to see not only the reasons things are the way they are in your life, but that you have the power and ability to change and release what no longer serves you so you can embrace your true eternal power as a soul making its evolutionary journey toward the light.

There are many, many versions of the two truths. Find out more about your real “truth behind the truth” in a reading or coaching session!


With love,