Connecting with Angels

Angels are the first Spirits I really felt a connection with when I began my Spiritual path.  They were the Spirits that came to me first. In my experience, when people begin opening to Spirit, there is one group of Spirits that tends to step forward first and be the first group to lay the foundation for the communication with Spirit. After the communication style has been established with this first group, each person usually moves on to opening greater connection to the other groups of spirits, such as Guides and Loved Ones. You get to know and develop relationships with all of the groups of Spirits as you continue to unfold spiritually, but just as you have certain abilities which emerge first as dominant, you also have a natural connection with one group of Spirits first. For me, it was Angels. Before I began my spiritual pathway, I had never even entertained the idea of Angels but as I began a regular meditation practice, their presence became impossible to ignore.

When I first opened to Spirit I began a regular meditation practice of two times a day 10-15 min each.  Very soon, I began to feel and discern other energies or presences in the space with me in meditation. My first strength in sensing Spirit is through feeling, so I would feel them energetically. As I stood in meditation, I would feel an energy arrive, sometimes to my right or left or even behind me. I would turn to face it and open my awareness to what I was sensing. I could feel a definite presence there – it felt high, loving, pure and gentle. I would feel a sense of liftedness – kind of like I was getting lighter in my body. Often I would have an emotional response and release.  Sometimes I would cry or weep, not out of any sadness but out of a sense of joy, relief, gladness as I felt myself to be part of a greater and higher reality and Source. As I stood there and opened my heart to the energy before me, I could feel it returned to me magnified in intensity. The love I felt coming to me was powerful and so loving. I had never experienced love like that before. It feels like pure Light entering the body. It floods me with a sense of well-being and peace. Angels connect with you through your heart and solar plexus chakras, so you will most likely feel their energy through these areas in your body.

How you can begin to discern Angels

  • Step 1: As you begin your meditation, mentally or vocally invite in your Guardian Angel and the Archangel who can best assist and guide you on your life path right now. Close your eyes and bring your awareness to the inside of your body as you take a few deep breaths. Then allow your awareness to extend to the space around your body. You may see colors, feel warmth, hear whispers or just get a vague sense of something there. Just let yourself feel and experience the sensations. Open your heart and ask your Angels to bring their energy closer to you. Trust what you receive. You will have a feeling, a sense, a visual or knowingness about who is there with you.
  • Step 2: When the process is complete, open your eyes and write it down. Write down adjectives, verbs, full sentences or just fragments. Use whatever words you can find to describe your sensations. You want your description to be visceral – something that you can read later that will remind you of exactly what energy you experienced. Writing it down also helps to bring the spiritual realm into the physical reality. This is really important. So much of what we receive, especially in the beginning stages of opening, is vague and you can feel unsure about it. Be aware that this is how it starts with Spirit – you are beginning to attune your senses to a different plane of energy and it is subtle and gentle. It’s important that you begin to trust your subtle senses, as these are the avenues Spirit uses to connect with you. It’s also important to be aware that the Angels, Guides and Loved Ones who connect with you in the beginning of your opening want to guide you gently on your path. In fact, they usually will err on the side of care not to scare or disturb you, so you can always ask them to intensify their energy, to come closer and to speak louder and they will.
  • Step 3: Practice, practice, practice & trust, trust, trust. Go into your meditations with the intention of connecting with your Angels. They will respond in kind. You can strengthen your connection by talking to them throughout the day, asking them to send you confirmations of their presence and ask them to step closer to you. The more you can begin to discern the subtle energies of your Angels, the more you will be able to also discern the other kinds of Spirits around you – your Guides and loved Ones. Opening to Spirit is about trusting yourself and your feelings. If you sensed something, it is real. The more you can trust yourself, the more the world of Spirit will open to you.

Share your experiences! It is always helpful and encouraging to connect with likeminded friends!

With love,