What are Guides and Angels REALLY for?

You have heard about Guides and Angels and you probably have been working on opening your connection to them. Let’s look at what they really are here for and how they impact our lives beyond the first steps of connection.

Welcome Home!

The first thing Guides and Angels do is to usher you into the world of Spirit. It is by learning to communicate with them that you begin to open your entire awareness to the world of Spirit and all it has to offer. They are your first contact, your home team, your spiritual base and foundation. When you begin having regular communication with your Guides and Angels you figure a lot of things out about how you specifically receive information from Spirit. You discover what your Angels and Guides’ preferred signs are and what their specific energy feels like to you. All of this information lays the groundwork for your Spiritual practice. Getting to know your Guides and Angels is a bit like meeting relatives you always heard about but have never met. They are family – your family. Your Spiritual support team love and support you no matter what. They can help you find the best choices in all circumstances and they never tire of helping, guiding and sending your love and support.

What’s next?

As your connection with them deepens over time and as you begin to ask more and more guidance in different areas of your life, Guides and Angels respond in kind. They work to cultivate their connection with you by providing more insight, greater explanations and more opportunities to see your life from a higher perspective. This means they start to give you more and more information about area in your life that are ready for growth, expansion and change. This is not always easy to hear, or to follow.

The Big Picture

Often times when we seek guidance from those in Spirit we are trying to understand an issue in our lives, trying to resolve something or are attempting to gain greater insight into a situation that lacks clarity. Guides and Angels help us see the forest through the trees; they help us to see the bigger picture at work. Because they are in the Spirit Realm, they have the great advantage of being in the position of seeing the array of choices laid out in front of us. They have shown this bigger picture to me like as from a bird’s eye view: they can see how everything interconnects. They can see which rivers connect to the ocean and which end in small ponds. With their higher perspective, Guides and Angels assist us in seeing that our lives are actually intricately woven tapestries, as opposed to a series of isolated events. They come through to connect the dots; to help us see the larger patterns and reasons for the conditions and relationships in our lives. With our eyes open to the whole picture, we are then able to see the through-line, the patterns, the interwoven fabric of our lives and choose our actions with this larger picture in mind.

The Truth behind the truth

Oftentimes we think we know why things are the way that they are in our lives, and that we know the whole truth about the events that happen and the people close to us. But usually there is another deeper truth behind that first truth. Spirit helps us to see that real truth. They help us find the real reason why things are the way they are. They are able to look beyond the surface, the obvious, and the things we tell ourselves to explain why things are the way they are. For example, I have a client who is constantly finding herself in situations where she feels not valued by others. She has a really hard time feeling any self worth for herself and feels constantly mistreated by others. For many years she had looked to her parents for the reasons behind this and she blamed a tough childhood for her lack of self worth. In a reading, her Guides and Angels came through to show her that in fact her soul has chosen to repeatedly put her in situations and relationships where she had to go within to find and insist upon her self worth. They showed her that her soul had chosen her unloving parents because her soul knew they would offer her precisely the challenge she needed in order to truly find her inner strength, her self value and worth. In this way, Guides and Angels can help us to see the larger soul truth behind the surface truth we so often can’t see beyond.

As you deepen your relationship with Spirit; as you listen and follow and ask again for what best serves you and how you can see the value in your challenges, you may find that following Spirit guidance pushes your boundaries and challenges you to go beyond your comfort zone. This is because your Guides and Angels see how truly beautiful, magnificent and powerful your soul is and they are here to help you be true to your real self. So like good coaches, their guidance pushes you to be the best you can be on every level.

As you work through this, keep in mind that the saying “you reap what you sow” applies here. As you move beyond those first amazing steps of opening on your Spiritual pathway when all is flowers, light and love, you learn that there is another layer of more fertile soil beneath those flowers. As your relationship with Spirit grows and deepens, the work you do with your Guides and Angels reaches deeper into your soul and the transformation you experience grows in richness and depth.

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With love,