Dance and mediumship: What's the connection?

I believe in the power of self-transformation. My experience with self-transformation began when I was 12 when I saw the movie Flashdance. At the time, my family was being ripped apart by a contentions and acrimonious divorce including a child custody suit that had me and my brother in and out of court appointed therapists offices and meetings with the attorney for children going through family court.

In the midst of all of this turmoil, I saw Flashdance. If you have never seen the movie (WHAT?? You’ve never seen Flashdance? Shame on you!) it’s about a woman who works as a welder by day and pursues her dream of being a dancer at night. In her dance routines and performances, this woman let her true self come out – she lets her dancing express who she really is. I felt the power of this. I too wanted to express my inner self – there was more inside of me that just had to come out.   I saw this dancer working hard to achieve her dreams and creating dances that were honest expressions of her inner strength and desires. I begged for the Flashdance soundtrack, which I received for my 12th birthday. I began making up dances in my living room, performing them for my brother and my mom. I finally persuaded my mom to give me dance lessons at a local studio and I began my journey as a dancer.

In the space of the dance studio I could go within; every dance exercise was an opportunity to align myself with the higher vision I had of myself as a professional modern dancer with a clear, articulate and musical body that had the capability to show my deepest feelings and dreams. I did everything I could to become this vision I held.  I took classes, I choreographed my own dances, and I saved my allowance and bought clothes that I thought made me look like a dancer like leg warmers and off the shoulder sweatshirts. I auditioned for and was accepted by the highly regarded professional training program at the School of Cleveland Ballet. Since my mom was now working full time to support my brother and I, there was no one to drive me to the classes held afterschool in downtown Cleveland. But, I figured out how to take the city bus, transferring at the bus hub downtown and driving through the city’s downtown to arrive at the school in time for my afternoon and evening classes.

My work ethic and ability got me into a summer college dance program at the age of 14 where I was the youngest student, taking classes and learning from visiting guest choreographers from New York City, and performing alongside adult college students. During my senior year in high school I auditioned for NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, one of the top three ranked professional training programs in the country and I was accepted. On scholarship.

I went on to perform for 15 years as a professional modern dancer in New York City working with different companies, rehearsing and performing nationally and internationally.

My journey as a dancer is a continually unfolding one. It is centered on holding a higher vision of myself, and having the faith and dedication to become that vision. Dance gives me an opportunity to reach beyond what I think and know I can do into the realm of possibility and transcendence. It is my link with the true power within and to the Divine light we all hold inside. People connect to dance because it is an expression of what we all hold inside and know about ourselves: it is also the unique and singular expression of who we are, in this time, in this moment.

As the late, great founder of modern dance Martha Graham said:

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.” 


My work as a dancer and as a medium are expressions of that truth.

The effort to continually improve myself means finding new territory within to explore – the work is never done and it truly is the journey that is the joy. Working hard as a dancer means tuning into your body everyday, finding new ore efficient ways to perform the same basic movements; focusing not just on the mechanics but also on the musicality and self expression in every exercise and piece of choreography. The most fulfilling thing about all the hard work is continually fine tuning my technique and opening to new possibilities within myself.

This is the same in my work with Spirit.

As a medium, my work ethic translates into me working to provide as much evidence as possible about who in Spirit we are connecting to. It translates into me reaching above and beyond the first presentations given by Spirit to find greater meaning, closer connection and a deeper level of contact and communication. I strive to not only connect you with those in Spirit, but to delve deeper to discover the reasons why this specific person, guide or angel has chosen to connect with you and what they can illuminate about your past, present and future choices in life. Spirit does not make the effort to appear without good reason and intention and I work to give Spirit as many avenues as possible to get their message across.

My dedication, purpose and faith in the possibility of transcendence are at the core of what defines me as a medium. Not only do I know from experience the incredible accomplishments and transformation that hard work coupled with inspiration brings, I also know what it is to not just be satisfied with what talent naturally gives but to reach deeper to find what lies beneath talent and gift to the truth of the Spirit within.

As a medium, I work as a conduit between my clients in the physical world and Spirit to bring through messages of empowerment, transformation and guidance for how my clients can be true to themselves – to help them explore their lessons, to find their transformations, to guide them into the highest expressions of themselves that they can reach in this lifetime.

Let’s work together to connect to your Divine light within. Let’s connect to your unique team of spiritual supporters consisting of Guides, Angels and deceased Loved Ones to uncover and release your potential, your true path and purpose for this life.