Introducing Angels

As I began opening to Spirit during my meditation time, Angels were the first Spirits I felt a strong connection to. I had always heard about guardian angels, and once I began actively meditating and opening to Spirit, I felt connecting with my guardian angel was the logical place to start. After all, I read that guardian angels are assigned to you for life and are with you all the time, through every situation and event! Even if you are just sitting around reading, cooking or watching Netflix, they are there.

We are all capable of connecting with our Angels.

In readings, very often a client’s Angels will come through clear and brightly, acting as the first line of connection with the Divine, with all kinds of specific guidance and information for my client. Angels are such an ingrained part of our culture, they have been depicted in art since before the Renaissance and they are mentioned in the bible more than 300 times. They are the only celestial being that all three of the major religions accept. This is because Angles are intimately involved with us. They are assigned to us by God. They are present and oversee our individual evolution, and they oversee the evolution of the human race. There is a hierarchy to the Angelic Realm, and the study of Angles is so involved there is actually a formal name for it, Angelology. But we don’t need to go into all of that here. What we can focus on is how this is meaningful to YOU and your personal Spirituality.

I often suggest connecting with Angels as one of the first steps in connecting with any Spirit, as Angels are high, loving and with us all the time. Their vibration is like a higher pitch on a tuning fork – it connects to you right in your heart and lifts you like a beautiful piece of music does. Angels hover close by, ready and eager to connect with you. Chances are you have already had instances where you connected with your Angel, but just didn’t realize it. Have you ever felt a warm, comforting presence near you just as you were falling asleep, or right as you are awakening? Have you ever had a near miss- an accident that could have turned out much worse, but you were in fact spared? Do you find yourself drawn to Angels – seeing them in clouds, coming across them in movies, on TV or in books repeatedly? These are all signs from your Angels – showing you they are near and ready to connect with you.

Angels are great to work with as you open to Spirit as they gently introduce the world of Spirit to you – not only do you feel their high clear vibration which helps you to later identify other types of Spirits likes Guides and Loved Ones, but because of the hierarchy of Angels, and the sheer numbers of them you can ask for specific Angels to help guide you in your opening. You can even request protection Angels who will protect your energy and physical body.

Start paying attention to the times and places you feel you may be sense, feel , hear or even see your Angel. Here’s a hint: When you think you might be – you are!

with love,