The ebb and flow of Spiritual growth

Q: I have made so much progress, why do I now feel it has stalled?

This is something I have heard from many others on a spiritual path and it is a question I have asked myself at times. Why can you feel so clear and open and connected to Spirit and then go through periods of doubt and fear, where the connection feels distant and it seems difficult to feel the same confidence and openness you felt even a day or so ago? You have experienced the clarity of connecting with Spirit, and all of a sudden it feels like your growth is stalled. I have gone through periods of time when I feel really clear: I ask for and receive signs, I feel very connected to Guides and Angels and when I connect with deceased Loved Ones it's almost like they are sitting next to me, having coffee. Then there are other times when I have felt trapped in myself, unsure, murky, like it’s difficult to connect. When I experience this feeling I always wonder why I am going through this again and what am I doing wrong? What can I do to release this isolated feeling and once again feel united, clear and centered?

What is going on?

Well, something is going on and I guarantee you it has nothing to do with your psychic abilities or your ability to connect with Spirit. I have discovered that spiritual growth and opening to Spirit is a process that ebbs and flows. Your pathway of opening to your abilities is always and continually unfolding. This means that it evolves in a circular and holistic way; it is not straight line but rather a winding beautiful road leading up a mountain. Sometimes you can’t see what lies ahead, and then sometimes you go through a tunnel. But there is one important thing to remember: you are still on the road.

Think of your growth like waves in the ocean, a big set rolls in and it’s beautiful wave after wave. You have the time of your life surfing those beautiful waves. Each one perfect and unique and helping you surf higher and longer. You get used to riding high and think that’s what the ocean is – perfect wave after perfect wave. Then, things quiet down. The big set is over and the sea gets kind of, well, flat. It’s quiet and still. You have wait for the next set to roll in.

This is how opening to your abilities can be at times and this is actually part of how nature works - it’s the rhythm of life. Things are always changing; ebbing and flowing. Right now as I write this we are at the every end of summer. The light is already different and the leaves are starting to hint at changing. Spiritual growth works this way too. If we were at full blast all the time, we wouldn’t have the time or space to integrate all of the amazing changes we have just discovered and made.

It's about Light

So, it is a big awakening, a big change when you start to recognize yourself as Spirit, when you begin to let in the Divine light. It’s a really powerful and fundamental change you make at the most basic level of your self – to realize you are a Spirit and have the ability to connect to other Spirits – Guides, Angels and Loved Ones. It’s a really big thing when you begin to open to Divine light. The light is a real thing. It is of the highest and purest vibrations of pure love. The more you release pain and fear, the more you work from the inside out healing yourself, the more you connect with Guides and Angels, the more you live by the truth of your heart and spirit; the more Divine light you bring into yourself. This causes change. Real change. Change you can feel, but not necessarily pinpoint. Change that sometimes makes you feel off kilter.  

I asked my Guides to explain to me why the process of opening to Spirit and opening to psychic abilities can be a roller coaster ride at times.

This is what they told me:

My guides showed me a series of interconnected rooms, like in a museum where you walk from gallery to gallery. When you open the doors of one of the rooms, light floods in. You open the next door and the light flows into that room, and on & on. The process of opening to Spirit is about opening all the doors that lie within you and letting the light flow in. Spiritual growth, connecting to Spirit and opening your abilities is all about bringing the Divine light into every room in your house. Some rooms have light in them already, some are dimly lit and some have been closed off, locked and ignored for years. These are the rooms where we have put things too painful to integrate or process. We all have them. The process of connecting to Spirit brings light into all of these spaces. It is not possible to just let light into some and not others. Opening your abilities and growing spiritually brings light into all of those dark places within. The light brings with it love and the opportunity to understand, heal and release pain and fear that is keeping you from embracing your true powerful self.

Here are some things you can do to help yourself through this:

Have compassion for yourself. Congratulate yourself on all of the changes and work you have done so far. Read this article, or something else that tells you it OK to feel this way. Check out another great article about this from medium Amanda Linette Meder:

Your growth has not stopped. As a matter of fact, reaching these tough moments is indication that you are beginning to do really deep work of integrating your newfound spirituality with your entire being.

  • Look at your validation journals. These are moments when you can fall back on all of the times things were super clear and you were getting sign after sign and feeling really connected with Spirit. Read and reread about all of those little things you saw and felt and remind yourself that this is a process. If you don’t have a validation journal yet – start one!
  • Share your feelings. Talk to someone else on a spiritual path. I guarantee you no matter who you talk to if they are being honest, they will share times they too have felt doubt and fear.
  • Understand that this will pass. It is often darkest before dawn. Most times, actually every time I have gone through difficult phases of doubt and fear, I have emerged with powerful insight-and a deeper and better connection with Spirit.
  • Keep asking for signs. Keep meditating. Keep connecting with your Guides and Angels. These are the times when you are really building that foundation of trust with them. Ask them to help you through this. See how they come through for you.

Above all, trust your self and your process. Learning to trust the strength and wisdom within is at the core of what Spiritual growth and connecting with Spirit is all about. The more you can learn to release doubt and fear in these tough moments and the more you learn to trust yourself, the more you are living your true path and purpose. Remember: you hold the key to the power within.


With love and light on your journey,