The Other Side

The Other Side is where Spirits go when they leave their bodies in the transition called death, and they go to the Light. I want to talk about what I have learned in readings and from Spirit about what happens when and after souls release their physical lives and cross to the Other Side in the process known as death.


We are talking here about the experience of death for those Spirits that choose to go to the Light. There are other experiences of death when for a variety of reasons a Spirit may choose to stay behind and not go to the Light. This post is about what happens for those Spirits who DO go to the Light. Death as we know it is the Spirit's exiting and release of the physical body and returning to its true form as pure energy. At the moment of death, the Spirit exits through the top of the head, through the crown chakra. The Spirit chooses its moment and the circumstances of it’s physical body’s death. The reasons for these choices are known by the soul - - what seems unfathomable to us here on Earth (why would someone choose a long-suffering death from cancer, for example?) each circumstance, no matter if it is an "accidental" death, a traumatic death, a long, painful death or an easy release during sleep are all deliberate choices the soul has made for its own purposes of growth. No matter the circumstances, the death transition to Spirit is overseen by the person’s Angels, the Archangel Azreal and supported by Loved Ones on the Other Side. All of these beings assist during a soul's releasement from the physical body and it’s crossing over into the Other Side.

In other words, no one crosses alone.

The physical circumstances of death vary from individual to individual, but the basic process is the same. No matter what the actual physical cause of death is, the true experience on a soul level is the same. When the soul leaves the body, and many times before the soul has left and as it is preparing to leave, Loved Ones and Angels appear to assist and guide the soul into the Light. Many times, it is the appearance of these individuals who are already in the Light that are the last things the dying person acknowledges while still in their bodies. It is not uncommon for those who are in the last moments of physical life to see the gateway to the Light – to see the Loved Ones and Angels who are there to accompany and escort them back home and to sayt he names of people who have long since passed away. This is because the souls already in the Light come to help bring their dying loved one over to the Other Side. When these Loved Ones and Angels appear to the dying person, the person is able to see and feel the infinite amount of love waiting for them on the Other Side. Their presence shows them the truth that we all live on past our deaths. This helps the dying to release their bodies and their physical life. Death is a doorway to the Light.

What happens then?

The Other Side is a vast, beautiful space filled with wonder. It exists outside of our physical world so the words we have to describe it are somewhat inadequate. I can tell you that from what I have seen, the Other Side is a place of Light. The Light quality is unlike what we have here. When I see Loved Ones on the Other Side they appear lit from within, as if their own souls and energy are the Light source. I have seen beautiful temples that look like huge classical relics, but are in pristine condition. I have seen vast meadows covered in flowers, beautiful forests, mountains, waterfalls. It truly is infinite, but our souls know it as home.

When a soul crosses over into the Light, they go to the Other Side. The Other Side is where we all exist in Spirit, as pure energy. We are free to take whatever form we like best from our physical lives, but our essential selves are intact. You still feel and know yourself as you, but now you are free of the ultimate fear and separation that is death. Now you see that life does indeed go on and yes, you do see all of those you loved again. In fact, you begin to see much, much more.

What happens after the crossing over depends on the Spirit, but there are two basic routes.

1. The convalescence

2. The life review

The convalescence

If a soul was very physically, emotionally, or mentally ill during their physical life when they cross over to the Other Side they often will enter a hospital like setting where they are cared for and gently assisted in healing, resting and recovering so they are able to go into the post life processing that is the life review. The time of convalesce depends on the Spirit. Angels and high healing Spirit guides oversee the convalescence period. There is no linear time on the Other Side, so sometimes a soul will convalesce for what results in many years here on Earth, or sometimes they will convalesce and recover quickly. When they the soul is ready, they move into the life review.

The life review

All souls go through some period of reflection and review of their physical life existences. This process is one undertaken with assistance from Angels and guides who help the soul to see the intentions, choices and how their actions and decisions affected others while on Earth. In the review each soul begins to see what lessons they were learning in their physical life and how they were able to learn them with love and compassion. Each soul is gently guided to see the opportunities given, the purpose and meaning behind the challenges faced and the significance of the relationships and people in their life.

For example, after my brother died he told me that he was being helped to see that he had blamed me for some of the hardships in his life and that was part the separation that occurred between us during his lifetime on Earth. He said that "they" (Angels and guides) helped him to see that if he had been able to let go of his resentment, he would have had a very different life path. This was a revelation for him and helped him to heal from resentment and fear that he had held onto during his physical lifetime.

The life review is as unique as each soul. It takes whatever time is necessary in order for the soul to accept its responsibility for its actions and intentions during its physical life. After the life review, the soul decides with its assigned Angels and guides how to continue it’s evolution and growth. Quite often, the continued growth plan involves work with others on the Other Side and it usually consists of working with their loved ones who are still here on earth. This means they draw close to learn from you as you go through your life lessons here. It means they see your challenges and opportunities and are there to assist you in releasing your fears. They also help to guide you in making the best choices for your life and growth.

Why do they do this?

Because once a soul is fee of fear and the ego, it is able to see how this experience on earth is a learning one - it is earth school. We are all here in physical bodies to learn and grow. We are here to experience first hand love, compassion, joy, judgment, temptation, karma  - the infinite number of things life has to offer. When a soul is released from it’s ego and the circumstances of it’s physical life, it is better able to see the unique circumstances of its physical life and what their main themes and lessons were in their lifetimes. They are able to see how their lives intersected with the lives of those they loved here on earth. They are able to see the big picture.

Yes. They learn from you. You help them as well. Not only are your Loved Ones working on the Other Side to guide, support and assist you, they are learning from you too. Often in readings Loved Ones will come through to talk about a quality they admire in my client and how they are drawing close, learning from them now. For example, one client’s mother appeared during a reading to talk about how she was learning courage from her daughter who is a respected avant-garde artist and is constantly engaging in art work that pushes boundaries and cultural standards. The mother was a reserved woman in life who is now learning on the Other Side how to find inner strength and courage from her daughter who is fearlessly exhibiting these qualities in her life and work. Everything you do now has repercussions - small acts of bravery and kindness are seen and felt on the Other Side. Right now, your own choices and courage inspire and heal those on the Other Side.

Our relationships with our Loved Ones continue on the Other Side. Those who you were close with and loved while on Earth are still with you. Your Loved Ones want you to know they are still with you. They come forward in readings to talk about all the different ways they are involved with you now, what they see happening in your life and how they love and support you even now. If you are reading this, there is a Loved One (probably more than one!) sending you the message that they are well and with you and want to connect further. Give yourself an opportunity to connect with them again.

With love,