Who are the Spirits that show up at readings?

Many people wonder who mediums actually connect with in a reading. When you enter into a reading, who can you expect will come through with information for you? Are they all dead people, or are their other Spirits as well? If so, who are they?

Well, each reading is different, but I can give you some basic guidelines for how the reading process works and the kinds of Spirits that may make an appearance at your reading.

When you book a session with a medium, you can expect to receive information, guidance and a connection with your Spiritual support team. The way this works is the medium connects to the client’s Spirits and acts as a receiving instrument, a clear channel, and brings through information and guidance specifically for that client from their specific group of Spiritual supporters. The medium is the link in the energetic chain created between the client and the client’s Spirits. The Spirits that can come through in a reading are a group of people and beings existing in the Spiritual realm. These Spirits can be classified as Spirit Guides, Angels and Deceased Loved Ones, and they all exist in the Divine Light which means they are completely safe, loving and high energy beings who serve to give guidance for your Highest and Greatest good.  

Here is a brief description of each group:

Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides were human at one point, but now exist in the Spiritual realm. They have been carefully chosen to assist you in your life path. There are many different kinds of Guides – many Guides have shared past lives with you. For example, one of my primary Spirit Guides is named Chloe and she is an awesome Egyptian woman with a long flowing dress and a metal arm bracelet high on her right arm. She and I share a past life and she assists me now in helping organize the Spirits who come for readings and helps to identify them for me in readings. You have at least 3-7 Spirit Guides with you right now. Different guides perform different functions. Have an interest in acting? Chances are, one of your guides has experience with acting and is helping you with that interest. There are an infinite number of guides and they all perform different tasks and functions. They have all been human at one time and now reside in Spirit with the goal of assisting and guiding you. They are excellent at giving specific information about your life path,  what your choices and challenges are, your best options for decisions and overall guidance for how to best move forward.


Angels have never been human, and have always resided in the realm of Spirit. There is a vast array of Angels, ranging from your Guardian angel, through the ministry of Angels up to the Archangels who oversee specific areas like healing, communication, divine wisdom, spiritual growth, and protection (to name a few). Angels have been working with humans on Earth since the beginning of time. Angels are high, loving, patient and completely egoless.  Some are male, some are female and some are genderless. Some appear with wings and some appear without wings. Angels can always provide the high perspective and long-term view of a particular situation or challenge. They work in the trenches with you helping get things done, but they also are able to see the long-term value, growth and potential in every situation. You have at least one Angel working with you right now.

Deceased Loved Ones

Are exactly what they sound like.  They are your family and friends who are now in Spirit. They are close to you; they see what’s happening in your life right now and want you to know they are there and still love and care for you as they always did.  If you have Loved Ones on the Other Side, they are with you even now. Deceased Loved Ones come though to connect with you in real time when you are aware of it. Deceased Loved Ones come to readings to connect with you directly and emotionally, in real time.

Each Spirit group has it’s own particular function and energetic connection to the client, but they are all linked with one common purpose: to give guidance, love and support to serve your greatest and highest good. This means Spirit will communicate to you the information that will at this time and place in your life assist you in connecting to your true self, to help you see your strengths, to help you take action to release blocks that are holding you back and to be true to yourself in every capacity. You can be sure that what ever and whomever appears at your reading will be there to support, guide, love and comfort you. Spirit never disappoints! Every reading is beautiful, surprising, exciting and profound in it’s own unique way.

Curious? Try connecting with your Spirits in a live reading!

With love,