Opening your intuition

Opening your intuition means learning to live from your Spirit first and your logical mind second. This can be a challenge, and it is something we all continually work on as the human ego is powerful and it loves to be in charge.

Living from your ego means living from a place of fear –a place where we never are or have enough, a place where we constantly look outside ourselves for answers, meaning and truth. Connecting with your Spirit means listening to your inner voice; it means reaching deeper into yourself and acting from your Higher self, your soul, the Divine and eternal you. The more we are connected to, listen to and live from our Spirits, the more we find true fulfillment and our way into our true paths and purpose.

When I first began opening to Spirit I realized that I already knew my own Spirit, it’s just that I wasn’t giving it first priority or often that small voice wasn’t my first go-to when I felt unsure or wanted to know the best thing to do. Many times when confronted with making decisions, big and small, I would automatically choose what I “thought” was the “best” thing. We all do that. That’s how we are raised – to assess and decide based on all the empirical information available. For instance, what about choosing a new job – there’s the small voice in your heart or in the middle of your head saying ‘I want to open a bookstore” or “I want to become a pastry chef” or a writer, or a medium. But the louder voice that shouts that small voice down inside your head says “NO! THAT”S CRAZY! YOU CAN NEVER MAKE A LIVING DOING THAT! (I am writing in all caps because this is how the ego talks to us – at full volume – shouting down everything else.) So, we very often listen to that loud voice because it’s loud and because so much of what we have been taught to do is to play it safe –we are told to measure success by what you see: the job, the car, the house, etc. and not on what you feel in your heart.

Spiritual growth and opening your abilities is learning to listen to that small voice within.  Here are some ways to open to your Spirit:

  1. Embrace your feelings – they are giving you information. What exactly are you unhappy about? Write down everything in your life you feel a sense of dissatisfaction about, that is holding you back or that you would like to release. Be honest. Your feelings are a direct link to your intuition. After you have your list, burn it or submerge it in water. Burning or soaking it in water transforms and releases the energy. Make sure to clear the space of the energy you just released by opening a window, lighting a candle or burning some sage.
  2. Ask yourself – “My brain says I should do _____” (beware the word should – that is always the ego and not your Spirit!). Now take a breath and say, “my Spirit says______ “ and fill in the blank.Make it a habit to say to yourself – "If I really was listening to my spirit, I would...." and list at least 3-4 things your Spirit wants you to do. Then do one.  You’ll feel better and you will be opening the pathway to living from your Spirit.
  3. Look into the future with your Spirit a little bit: ask it to show you your heart’s true desires. What does your life look like – what is different than how things are now? How do you feel? Daydream about your ideal life. Get it in as much detail as possible. Say the qualities you want more of: Peaceful, passionate, purposeful, abundant, joyful. These are a few words that speak to me. The more you visualize the life you want to live, the more the universe will respond by aligning things for you.
  4. Connecting to your passion is the most direct way to live from your Spirit. Be honest about what you love to do and find space to do it. Read, draw, dance, write, sing, cook, walk, run, play with your dog. The more you give space to your Spirit in your everyday life, the easier it will be to be guided by it in all things.
  5. One thing I have learned from my sessions with clients is that the Spirits we connect to in a reading are there to help and to guide us into full alignment with our true selves. They make the effort to appear in order to help us to release anger, doubt and fear and to embrace the power that lies within each of us. Spirit helps us to see that every circumstance in our lives is talking back to us – showing us the truth about how we feel, the truth in the dynamics of the relationships we have with people we love and the amazing potential there lies within every relationship and situation to get closer to the power of who you truly are – to live from your Spirit.

There is no one like you – your job on this earth is to let that light within illuminate and guide your path.  Be brave and let your Spirit take the lead!

with love,