How to transform pain into power

As human beings we all have had difficult, painful and even traumatic events in our lives. These things can live inside of us and rear up as patterns, cycles and illnesses. As sensitives, empaths and intuitives we also feel other people’s energies - especially the fear, the pain and other heavy emotions.  Feelings – our own or others - play a big part in our human experience.

Traditional therapy teaches us to process our emotions by talking things through and dissecting/unpacking our feelings. As intuitives we have learned many different blocking, shielding and filtering techniques to help keep us from feeling the emotions of others.

There is another, very simple and very powerful way to deal with negative energy that’s affecting you.

Emotions, pain and fear are really just energetic information. That’s it. As much as we feel them, as confusing and as overwhelming as they can seem to be at times, the truth is they are just energy. As we know from science 101, energy cannot be created or destroyed but it can be transformed.  This is exactly what you can do when you experience your own sadness, anger, grief, fear or pain or any emotions from anyone else that you don’t want.

Don’t block it, shield it or try to hash through it – transmute it.

Use your own heart to transform the vibration of the energy ... then integrate it into your own.

 This is called emotional integration and it works anywhere, anytime and for everyone. It clears pain and fear on all levels by transforming the vibration of energy using the power of your own heart and intention. I learned this technique from an amazing intuitive, therapist and healer, Jocelyn Hilling.

Here’s how to do it:

1.     Imagine you can pull out from your body that painful experience/fear – the problem, worry, difficulty, fear whatever it is that is causing you distress. It can be anything: an event, a mess of emotions surrounding a particular time/place in your life, feelings of insecurity or inadequacy, the emotions you are feeling from someone else – whatever negative, lower vibrational energy is affecting youright now. Pull it out in front of you and let it become a visual of some kind – a color, a symbol, an image – whatever it wants to be.  See it there in front of you.

2.     Now feel your own heart. Look and feel inside your chest to the feeling of your heart – feel its power, its light. Let it be a color. Is it golden like the sun, is it a volcano? Is it a rainbow?

3.     Now you are going to pull that image – that pain energy - right into the light of your heart. Watch what happens as it goes into your heart – watch it dissolve, or explode, or become light. Watch how your heart transforms that energy into strong, powerful light energy. Now you own it and it can serve to build you up, not break you down.

That’s it.

Use this technique to make that pain energy become part of your power – not part of what’s holding you back.

After all, love is the most powerful force in the universe and you hold an unlimited supply right inside yourself. Use it!