Healing though the generations

One of the main focuses of my mediumship practice is healing through the generations – healing those alive and those now deceased. This has happened in different ways, in different readings. I will share with you one of the most profound experiences I have had as a medium and the one that led me to discover that intergenerational healing is a primary theme in my work with clients.


A few years ago, right when I was beginning to do professional readings, a woman from another country contacted me for a reading. Setting up a mutually beneficial time was challenging because of the time difference, but Spirit pushed me to step outside my regular hours and set something up. As it turned out, the only time we could coordinate was a reading at 6:30 am my time. I agreed to do it and the unusual time it occurred was the first indication that something different and important was at work here, and I needed to be aware of something special afoot.

When we connected for her reading, the client’s mother came through almost immediately. After the physical identification, the mother began to relay to me how shut down she had been as a mother, how depressed she had been and as a result, how emotionally unavailable she had been to her daughter. She showed me scenes of watching her daughter play and I could feel her sadness, her feelings of being lost and alone. She showed me how her daughter, would sit on her lap and look into her eyes and how there was just a blankness there – like she was just.... absent. The deceased mother showed me through feelings and images how her depression had been a result of her own childhood experiences with her own mother who had been abusive. Because of the culture of the time, this issue had never been addressed and as a result my client’s mother went through life with a sense of hopelessness and despair that came from a sad and neglected childhood. Now that this woman was crossed over and had the opportunity to look at her life and review her relationships, she saw how removed she had been as a mother herself and could see now what her daughter needed to hear. The mother told my client that even though she had not been able to show it – that it seemed as though she could not give or receive her daughters love -that in fact her daughter had been the light and love of her life and that her only joy had been caring for her daughter and watching her delight in world around her.

As my client received these messages of apology, regret, and love she wept and told me “I have always wanted to know if my mother really loved me – now I know. I have needed to hear this from her more than anything in the world.” She went on to say she felt freed – that she was so grateful to know how her mother felt and also how happy she was that her mother was now relieved of the depression and grief that plagued her through life. As my client accepted the messages, I could see Light move through the mother to her daughter and through the entire generational maternal line. As my client healed, so did the line of women that came before – her deceased mother, grandmother, even great grandmother received the gift of love and healing that happened as my client made the choice to open her heart to forgiveness and love. As a result, the pattern was halted and my client’s children would never know the pain their mother experienced as a child.

This reading was a profound shift for me. In the space of about 60min, one woman was able to affect a positive and profound change in her family. As a medium, I was able to experience the miracle of healing that takes place when one person accepts love and forgives in their heart. It not only affects the one doing the forgiving, it changes things for the people connected to them by creating the space and the vibrational alignment for a higher existence- one based in love and not one that perpetuates a pattern based in fear.

This is the power of intergenerational healing through mediumship.