The dictionary defines a vow as a “solemn promise”. But Vows are deeper than promises. Vows are intentions set with the heart. They are commitments made from the deepest level of your conscious awareness. Vows are meaningful - they affect your energy and your being. When done with conviction, they connect to your soul and create very real circumstances in your life.

In a reading recently, Spirit showed me that my client’s mother had taken a vow to shield her daughter from the lineage of female oppression that had come before in the family line. When pregnant, my client’s mother had determined that she would not pass down the tradition, the history, the pain and fear she herself had experienced from her mother and grandmother to her own daughter. She determined that it would end with her. She made a vow.

As the reading progressed, Spirit showed me that my client was in the process of opening to her spiritual gifts and she kept hitting a wall – she felt blocked, like she could not actually connect with Spirit that she knew was there. Spirit showed me that this wall had been created by her mother’s vow to protect her daughter. My client had not yet broken energetically from her mother’s role as protector and her mother’s vow was still active and was essentially blocking her from opening fully to her own power. My client had also made vows of loyalty to others in her family. These vows were essentially keeping her from being free to fully be herself. Her energy was very actively engaged in holding to those loyalties – part of her was still holding to rules and ideas that no longer applied and no longer served her Highest Good.

It was time to release the vows.

We have all taken vows – whether in this life or in another. Very often, other life vows can impact our current life. This is because vows are made on a soul level and can be carried from life to life. For example – you may have taken a vow of poverty in another life and consequently find it difficult to enjoy prosperity and abundance in this life. This is because part of you is still beholden to the vow.

Releasing vows

Vows are made through the heart and with intention, and they can be released the same way.  Vows are taken consciously and so they must be released consciously. This means you need to have the same level of intention, purpose and energy to clear the vow as you gave making it.  You need to mean to release it and you need to commit to releasing it.

Usually you have some idea of the specific vow you are releasing. But even if you don’t know exactly In which case you can set the intention to release it by stating “I fully release any vows no longer serving my Highest Good.” Vows are taken to serve a particular purpose in a life and when that purpose has been fulfilled, the vow is no longer necessary and needs to be released. In my client’s case, her mother’s vow of protection over her daughter had served to shelter her daughter from the painful lineage she came from. The vow had been effective– my client grew up clear of the inherited bagged that plagued her mother and grandmother and women before her in the family line. Now that my client was in her own life and ready to step forward into her own power, she needed to consciously release the vows binding her so the energy from them would no longer impact her own ability to move forward in her life and growth. Releasing the vows clears her energy and sets her free to be in her own power.

If you feel blocked in a particular area of your life or growth, it can be helpful to intentionally release any vows you may have taken. Releasing the vows will help clear this area of your life and allow the energy or pattern to release. Once the vow is released, your Spirit is free to move forward and use its free will to create the best possible circumstances for you, unencumbered by outdated promises.