Skeptic? OK.

Sometimes when I tell people what I do, they tell me they’re skeptics and don’t believe in “that stuff”. I tell them that’s fine, because it is. It honestly makes no difference to me what people believe or if they believe what I do is real or not.  (They can ask my hundreds of clients or have a reading themselves if they want to know.) As a medium, I do not have an agenda to convince people that a) my belief system is the correct belief system or b) what I do is “real”.

I do what I do because it is my gift and my path.  Whether or not a client chooses to work with me is 100% up to them. If someone is skeptical about having a reading or about mediumship in general, that is fine with me. Honestly, I’m not gong to spend my time and energy trying to convince you. It’s up to you what you believe. I am here to help those I am in alignment to help by acting as a conduit for messages from Deceased Loved Ones and Spirit. Guidance and information pass through me from a Higher Source to serve my client’s Highest good. I have no judgment about any of it and in no way do I consider myself to be the moral authority or feel I have all the answers. In fact, the longer I do readings and the more experience I have, the more clear it is to me that in readings I see what I am Guided to see and there is a much larger plan and picture to all of this that is not necessarily ours to know. That is part of the mystery of God and of the human experience. 

Being a believer or a skeptic is personal to everyone, and everyone has had experiences that have shaped their belief systems. I have to say that I find it interesting that some people have incredibly open minds about issues like sexuality, or politics or equal rights, but when it comes to the idea of God or an afterlife they shut right down and declare it to be ridiculous.

In mediumship and in every other area of life, the key to having an open mind is to be willing to suppose that perhaps there is more than you may know or believe. Perhaps it’s possible that things are not as you suppose them to be, perhaps there is another way to see things and perhaps there are things you just don’t know anything about yet. Everyone’s path in life is different and is unique and special to them. If someone declares themselves to be a skeptic to me, I respect their beliefs. And I expect them to respect mine as well. We may be on different journeys in this life, but we walk together and the more we can accept one another for our similarities and our differences the more we can expand to enjoy all that this life has to offer.

In peace and love,