How mediumship healed my relationship with my dad

My dad and I were completely estranged for most of my life. When I say completely estranged, I mean we did not speak for 20 years. There had been a great deal of tumult and chaos in my childhood and a long story short, my dad was never able to be the kind of dad I needed him to be. He never showed up for me and ours was a history of me feeling neglected by him and him being frustrated with me. The best and healthiest thing I could do for myself at the time was to cut it off with him. So I did. I stopped reaching out and so did he.

Fast forward 20 years and to the death of my younger brother. Revere died from a drug overdose in 2013.  He had a long struggle with heroin so it was not a surprise but, as these things always are, it was a shock. The first time I spoke to my dad in 20 years was shortly after Revere’s death. We were both devastated and also very wary and on guard in our communications together. Tentatively and carefully, we began talking. It was mainly so we could remember my brother - to share memories and exchange stories. It was also during these first few months after Revere’s death that I began doing the Reiki healing sessions that opened me up to my mediumship gift. I began connecting with my brother in my meditations (see more about how this happened and how I discovered I was a medium here.) It was immensely healing to me to feel my brother’s love and to receive his messages of apology, understanding and forgiveness.

In the course of the next weeks and months as I kept the connection with my dad open, my brother began to show me more insight into my father. He showed me his house, where he kept my brother's ashes, what items he still had of my brother’s and other personal details. I felt compelled to share all of this with my dad, but as it was the very beginning of my mediumship abilities and the fledgling stages of my reconnection with my dad, I felt nervous and vulnerable sharing any of these experiences and messages with my dad. I had no idea if my dad would believe me or how he would receive the information. I was scared I was wrong and I was scared my dad wouldn’t receive it well. But, I felt compelled. My brother gently pushed me forward and started to come through to me when I was talking to my dad, gently encouraging me to open up and share what I knew with him.

So I did.


I started by describing to my dad what my brother had shown me about my dad’s house; his favorite chair, the layout of his living room, where my brother’s ashes were kept on the fireplace mantel and what items of clothing my dad still had of my brother’s. After I gave  this information, I waited with my heart in my throat to see what would happen.

My father validated all of it.

All the details I had given him were correct – the ashes, the clothes, the living room. My dad was emotional as he heard this and he was amazed. He told me he had felt my brother’s presence with him and I was able to validate how and where. The love that poured through us was incredible. It was my brother’s love for both of us and it was my father’s and my love as our hearts opened to each other again.

As the weeks, months and now years have gone by, I have brought my brother through for my dad many times , as well as my dad’s own father and other relatives. Mediumship created the bridge not only from my brother to my dad and I, but it also created a bridge between my dad’s heart and my own, allowing us to release the past, to forgive each other and to enjoy the love we share.

This experience with my dad was the first of many for me. Now I do this not only for my family, but for hundreds of others. Healing family generations through mediumship is the core of what I do as a medium. Spirit showed me my purpose by guiding me in healing my own family, first.