Forgiveness...One step farther

When we are holding onto an event, a hurt or an offense that someone has done to us we are literally doing just that - holding onto it. Since every thought is energy, when you don’t release a thought and you choose to remember it, relive it you are literally recreating it over and over again. When we do this we create and recreate an energetic picture; a vibration that exists. This energy exists in you and it exists in the universe.  We are connected energetically to every person we have relationships with and our feelings and thoughts can be received by each person we are connected to.

In other words, don’t think the other person is not aware of what you are holding on to – even if you have never voiced it out loud.

 When we hold on to a specific picture of how we view someone, we are constantly reinforcing that idea energetically to that person and to ourselves.

When we forgive someone, it means we release that picture. We let it dissolve. We send love to it and it dissapears. We have just created room for that person to show up to us in a different way.

When we release our expectations and release the hurts done in the past, we are energetically helping that person not be locked into old modes of behavoir with us. When we release our hurts and ideas of them, we forgive them. There is now clarity and light where there used to be shadow and fear. This literally clears the energetic space between us and we can now move forward without constantly reinforcing old ideas of who we are to each other! We can now grow and expand together.

When we do this, when we forgive and release old pictures of others and of ourselves, we heal INSTANTLY.

I did this with my own father. After not speaking to him for about 20 years, I decided to reach out to him after the death my brother. The profound loss and grief we were both in became an amazing lesson for us: there was no way either of us wanted to continue on the path of holding onto hurt and resentment with each other and eventually having to suffer an other unbearable loss riddled with thoughts of unsaid aplogies and expressions of love. We both had unresolved relationships with my brother and neither of us ever wanted to experience that pain again.

So, we did it. We forgave each other. And can I tell you? It is one of the true acts of love I have experienced in my life and it transformed me. Such is the power of love.

I see this happen in readings all the time. When we open our hearts to each other and forgive, we all heal. Together.

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