Soul Contracts


I will be talking a lot about soul contracts. That’s because they are at the heart of what I do with Spirit. In fact, I have found they are at the core of our experience in this life. Let me talk first about what they are.

Soul contracts are agreements made between you and another soul or group of souls. These agreements are made before a physical incarnation, when you are in your true form as energy in the Spirit realm. Soul contracts can exist in almost any kind of relationship – friends, family, employers and employees, even owners and pets.

Soul groups consist of souls that have connected contracts together. For example, our families are soul groups – each member coming into this physical incarnation to enact certain relationships, situations, circumstances and events that serve to grow each participating soul.

Soul contracts are hard to run from – they affect our lives deeply, some from the very beginning. This is by design. Soul contracts are at the core of your experience here on Earth – it is through relationships that we learn the most about ourselves.  Your most significant and challenging relationships can present the very things you soul is seeking to experience in order to grow. Confronting the challenges presented by our soul contract relationships and healing them can be keys to unlocking your soul purpose and path in this lifetime.

Soul contracts and family soul group healing are my specialties in working with Spirit.  I love to connect with my clients and their Spirits to discover soul contracts, heal the past present and beyond, and experience the amazing transformative power of eternal love that lies within our hearts.

Look for many upcoming posts, videos and more that will discuss more aspects of soul contracts, soul groups and generational healing though mediumship!