The REAL value of a reading

Readings are about so much more than just knowing your loved ones are still with you. They are soul to soul communication. This is powerful. This is a direct pathway to soul level healing and growth.

In readings I connect directly with your deceased loved ones  - the people now deceased who play significant roles in your soul development. Your deceased loved ones are important in your soul development because you have soul contracts with them. It is through these soul contracts that you experience certain dynamics, challenges, events and circumstances in order for you BOTH to gain soul experience and growth.

You and your loved ones incarnate into this life together in the specific relationship you have in order for both of you to learn and grow your souls.  These soul contract relationships are not always easy. Often, they offer the most challenges and opportunities for deep learning and growth..

Readings offer healings to the living and the dead.

Spirits are all at different level of soul growth, as are those of us still living. Just because a person dies and goes to the Sprit Realm doesn't mean they are completely enlightened. This might be a surprise to many, but the truth is soul growth continues after death. Once our loved ones pass through the transition of death and exist in a state of love and energy on the Other Side, they are able to see their physical lives very differently than they did while here on Earth with us. They gain new insight into their relationships, their choices, and the roles they played in other people’s lives from the perspective of soul growth. Our deceased loved ones become aware of the larger soul group they are a part of and what their role was in their soul group. They can see their relationships with their friends and families from a soul growth perspective. They confront their successes and their failures and they gain new awareness of the purpose of each.

Readings are an opportunity for deceased people to connect with their loved ones still alive and say the things they were unable to say in life.

Every reading offers your loved ones the opportunity to take responsibility for their actions; to apologize, encourage, reassure, guide and assist the ones they love still here in physical life. Readings create the opportunity for every soul in the soul group to evolve.

Readings help the living

Readings create an opportunity for us here in physical life to gain new perspective too. The connection and communication with our deceased Loved Ones sheds new light on our lives and relationships and we can begin to see everything in our lives from a soul growth perspective as well. We can gain newfound understanding and appreciation for the people we love, the choices we make and make wise and guided choices for the trajectory of our lives.

Readings offer us the priceless gift of living our lives through the eyes of our souls. When we do this, we can value every experience and relationship as sacred expressions of the truth that love never dies.