How we heal our Deceased Loved Ones

I had a session recently where a clients’ family came through to thank her for making all the choices they didn’t – that they couldn’t make- in life. Her family had generations of dysfunction and an inability to express love to each other. My client herself was not like that. She had chosen to live her life completely differently than how she was brought up. She went her own way and decided something different for herself.

Her Loved Ones came through to acknowledge their failings and they took responsibility for the fact that she had received very little from them during their lifetimes with her. Then they did something truly amazing - they THANKED HER for choosing differently.

In fact, they went on to say that it was through watching her make different choices than they did - to NOT do it the same, to break the family pattern and create a new pattern where love was expressed openly and joyfully - that she was actually healing her entire family. Those living and those deceased.

As each one of us chooses to rise above the painful situations and challenges in our lives; to break the pattern; to choose love; to find and follow the power of our true selves within we make that same choice available for everybody we are connected to – both living and dead. This is because we are connected to our friends and family through the most powerful energy in the universe – love. As we choose to be in love and truth for ourselves, we help those who are connected to us choose the same for themselves.

This is one of the amazing benefits my clients have received from doing readings – actually getting validation from those on the Other Side that you are in fact healing generations just by empowering yourself.

Pretty great! Thank you Spirit!