How to get the most out of your reading

What can I do to get the most out of my time with Spirit? 

I love when a client asks me this. This is an indication that they are excited and ready for their reading and they want to do what they can to maximize their experience. Being prepared for a reading is important. In fact, even if clients do not actually ask me this question, I send them information on how to do just that anyway. I do this because connecting with Spirit is an intense experience and it’s best to enter into it as ready as you can be.

Here is what I tell my clients:

Please try to keep an open mind and heart during your session

This is the number one suggestion I have. The more you can approach your time with Spirit with an open attitude, the better positioned you are to receive messages. Nothing blocks Spirit more than fixed ideas about what you need to hear or who needs to come through!

If you have questions, please reserve them for after Spirit has had the opportunity to come forth with their messages.

At that time if you have further questions we can certainly address them.

When we give Spirit the opportunity to speak, they often address your questions before you even have a chance to ask! After they have said what they want, we can always ask more!

Please review your deceased family tree.

This means really reviewing all of those you may know in Spirit - family and friends- as you never know who will show up! Many times clients are surprised by who comes through-spirit does everything for a reason. You can miss valuable information if you can't ID someone, so doing your homework really counts with this one!

Get into a focused listening state

Before the session, I suggest taking a quiet moment to transition yourself out of the noise of your daily life and into a listening state so your attention is directed at the information coming in for you.

This can mean different things for different people. If you practice grounding, ground. If you meditate, take 5 minutes to quietly center yourself. Or, have a cup of hot tea or write in your journal. Do whatever you need to do to help yourself be calm and present.

Please have paper and pen ready, as you will need to take notes!

Some mediums record readings, I do not. You are free to record them if you wish. I have reasons for this that are too numerous to go into here. Look for an upcoming post for my views on recording.

During the reading:

No additional information please!

In fact, the more you tell me the harder it is for me and Spirit. Think about it, if your grandmother was a knitter and loved cats, she very well may come with those two pieces of information to ID herself to you. If you tell that you want to connect with your grandmother who knitted and loved cats then your grandmother is going to have to work harder-come up with more and different information for you to recognize her. The less I know, the more detached I am from the information and the easier it is to bring it through!


I cannot guarantee any specific Spirit will appear (no medium can) – Spirits are people and people decide where they want to be! While we certainly can request that a specific individual in Spirit please come forward, it is important to understand that whomever does come forward has done so for a reason! Sometimes readings are all Deceased Loved Ones, sometimes Angels and Spirit Guides, Archangels and even Ascended Masters come forward and sometimes it is a combination! There are always reasons for who does show up. So, the fewer expectations you have, the easier it will be for you to welcome in what Spirit brings you. This is a big one. For more on this, check out these posts here, here and here.

Readings are exciting and sacred experiences. The more you approach your time with Spirit with a an open mind and heart and a respectful expectation of success, the more you will get out of it!

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with blessings,