Validation journals: why they're important (it's not why you think!)


In a recent session, a Spirit came through to encourage my client to keep notes and keep track of all of the Signs from Spirit that she received. Not a big surprise; I have written before about validation journals and their benefits. Validation journals are a great way to keep track of all the times you notice/observe/receive Signs from Spirit. Journals help you quantify your experiences. They also help to bring Spiritual experiences into the physical world, which is an important art of integrating your Spirituality into your everyday life. All of these are great reasons for keeping a validation journal.


But according to Spirit, there’s another important reason.

Every time you write down your observations of synchronicities, songs, dreams, feathers, coins, etc., your Spirits know what has clicked with you.

That’s right – your journal is not just important to you. It’s important to those in the Spirit Realm who are working on sending you messages and Signs.

By seeing what you wrote down and what you really noticed, your Spirits know what efforts they made to connect with you that were “hits”. They can see how their efforts are panning out. Believe me, your Loved Ones, Guides and Angels are always working to get your attention but they often don’t know what is going to work with you. Are you a feather/coin person? Or do you notice birds more? Are you tuned into the songs you hear, or are you more of a billboard/sign/license plate person?

This is all really valuable information to your Spiritual helpers. They can check the progress of their work by seeing what registers with you.

The more they know what you notice, the more clarity, the more creative and the more fun Signs from your Spirits will be!

So, do everyone a favor and write down what you notice. Your Spirits will thank you!

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With blessings,