How we help our Loved Ones on the Other Side

So we can understand how the Guides, Angels and Loved Ones in the realm of Spirit can assist, guide and support us in our Earthly lives. We can call upon them to help us see the bigger picture, guide us into the power of our own spirit and how to see the challenges in our lives as opportunities.


 But, we the living help those on the Other Side as well.

How can this be? Isn't it that once you cross to the Other Side you are in heaven and enlightened and have no further use or need to continue with the lessons you had in your physical life?

Well, yes and no. When we cross out of physical life, we go to the Other Side with our personalities, lessons, challenges, triumphs and failures intact. Being on the Other Side is not about forgetting all of who you are. It's about integrating your physical life experience with the larger, Divine and eternal you-your Soul and Spirit. During this process we all gain a different perspective of our physical lives. We can now see the larger picture and how our challenges were actually designed for our Soul growth.

Families are soul groups.


Families are Soul collectives formed by the free will of each individual Spirit to undergo a series of lessons together; the Souls agree to play various roles and undergo specific challenges for the purpose of bringing the entire group, the entire ancestral line of Souls, into Soul growth and evolution. This is why you often see the same issues enacted over and over again in family histories. Addictions, suicides, financial struggles and physical and mental health issues are all chosen challenges and vehicles for Soul growth. A family Soul group enters into the commitment of living out physical lives in generational structure together in order for the Souls to work together, influencing and growing with each other as they pass down the lessons and wisdom to the Souls coming in after them.

When a Soul goes to the Other Side they are still committed to the family Soul group, and they have an advantage of perspective. They are now in a position to see more clearly what specific lessons and challenges the Soul group has chosen and how this has translated through the specific behaviors, lives, and challenges in their own lives on Earth, as well as the lives of those that came before and after them. By working with us to heal those difficult lessons handed down from generation to generation, our Loved Ones can heal themselves by assisting in the healing of those family members still in physical life.

Many times in readings, family members - grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles and parents will come forward to talk about how a particular issue has been handed down from generation to generation, parents to children. They show us the pattern of intergenerational trauma - whatever it may be. Sometimes it is alcoholism, sometimes it's the inability to express love, sometimes it's the difficulty of self-expression, sometimes it's abuse.

What our ancestors make clear to us is that we still have the opportunity to heal this ingrained family issue; we can make the active choice to stop the pattern and to heal ourselves. In healing ourselves, we help everyone in our Soul group by halting the cycle. When we are able to open our hearts to hear guidance from our family members on the Other Side, we allow forgiveness into our hearts as we allow them to help us. This assists our ancestors in their Soul growth on the Other Side, as they are able to take responsibility for their actions, apologize, offer thanks, and guide us into higher expressions of our own lives.

Readings are about more than simply knowing your Loved Ones are with you.

Readings are about reaching across the veil to find forgiveness, understanding and true purpose and meaning in our lives and challenges.

Connecting with Spirit can bring true transformation and healing to generations of Souls, on both sides of the Spirit veil.

with love,