Ascended Masters: what are they and how can I work with them?

Ascended Masters are great healers, teachers or prophets that once lived here on Earth and are now in the Spirit Realm [1] They come from every culture, time and society and they include familiar figures like Jesus and Buddah as well as Deities from ancient civilizations such as India, Greece and Rome. There are many Ascended Masters – we do not worship them, but at one time many of them were worshiped as Gods and Goddesses. These figures hold exalted positions in our cultural canons. So can we work with them? Do they come to readings, can we call on them and will they work with us directly?

In short – yes. You can absolutely connect with any Ascended Master directly and personally. In fact, Ascended Masters regularly come to readings and communicate much like other Spirits do. They show up spontaneously and when called upon. They appear in dreams, meditations, readings and just in every day life.  In fact, they are very adept at working with people directly and regularly. The truth is that you already have Ascended Masters working with you right now. So, why do they come to us and how will you know it when they show up?

Here are two primary ways you recognize that it is in fact an Ascended Master:

The feeling

You will know it is a Spiritual being of a different vibration. Their energy can often be an overwhelming experience of powerful love and an outpouring of light.  How you will perceive this depends on how you receive spiritual information – you may see a great deal of light around them, you may feel a finer, higher energy when they appear or you may feel flooded with emotion. This feeling transcends person to person love – it is an actual feeling of unconditional love. When I am in the presence of an Ascended Master I often simply cannot stop the tears from flowing. This is because I am responding to the pure, high vibration they have of Divine love. The presence of an Ascended Master usually feels so unmistakable and overpowering it can be a revelation. 

Literal imagery

Before, during or after your experience with an Ascended Master in a meditation, reading or dream, you will most likely come across an obvious representation of them. I say obvious, as in obvious TO YOU. Spirits use your internal knowledge bank to communicate with you. Is there a picture of Mother Mary you remember from your childhood Sunday School? She may use that to indicate her presence. The iconography of Ascended Masters is so common in our culture (you can get Jesus candles at the grocery store) you may see some of these images in your mind and then question it because it seems too obvious or even hokey. Don’t question it. This is how they communicate – they use the images you will recognize. Trust your feelings and trust your images. Ascended Masters are excellent with providing follow up confirmations and signs. Need to validate it was in fact them? Just ask them to send you some signs over the next couple of days and they will!

What if you don’t recognize them? How do you know it’s an Ascended Master?

There have been times I have met Ascended Masters in my meditations and not known exactly who they were. Usually though, they will appear with some identifying piece of clothing or an object that can help you pinpoint who they are. There will be some piece of information they came with that you can reference to look them up either in a book or on the internet. Check out the book I have listed in the footnotes – it’s a great reference for this.

Why do they come to us?

Ascended Masters often appear to signify important changes or developments in your life or spiritual growth. They have mastered certain lessons and aspects of being human beings and their presence with you is an offer of support and encouragement as they witness our experiences the trials they themselves did on their time on Earth. Ascended Masters serve as signposts and reminders as to the potential that lies within us all. Often their presence is enough for you to understand their message. If you are confused about what they have to say, the best next step is to look them up and see what their areas of specialties are.  

Opening your connection to Spirit is creating a direct pathway to Divine source energy.  

The experience of direct connection with Spirit – even Ascended Master Spirits and God Itself– is what defines the crucial difference between conventional religion and Spirituality.

In truth, there is no need for an intermediary to connect with the Divine. No priest, pastor, pope, rabbi or other religious figure is needed in order for you to connect with any Spirit – including Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters. We all come from the Divine and we all have equal access to the Divine.

So trust your innate worthiness as a Divine being yourself, and your natural ability to connect with Spirits and ask to connect with the Ascended Master who can best serve your path now. All you have to do is ask.

with love,