Listen up! How can I tell if what I'm hearing in my mind is my own voice/ego or Spirit?

Ashley Lindsay Searles, Spiritual Medium



Internal clairaudience is hearing Spirit in your head. We all have many thoughts streaming through our minds most of the time, and the constant chatter going on in there can make it tricky to hear the more gentle and loving voice of Spirit. Our egos tend to be at full volume, drowning out our intuition and the voices of our Angels, Guides and Loved Ones. Part of opening to Spirit is learning how to tell the difference between those voices in our heads.

So how can you tell if the voice you are hearing is Spirit?

Is it loving?

Spirit guidance (Light Spirits, like Angels, Guides and Crossed Loved Ones) is gentle, encouraging, positive and loving. If you are hearing fearful advice, it's probably your ego talking over everything else. Your guiding team of Spirits don't say things to make you feel badly, they don't criticize and they don't speak sharply. If you are hearing that, chances are it's your own internal critic.

Stop and ask again.

If you feel you are hearing from Spirit, but aren't sure, simply ask them to repeat it. This sets you up to listen and receive, and it will quiet your own voice. Spirit will repeat themselves. If you don’t hear anything in response, it was probably your ego.

Where in your head are you hearing it?

Many times Guides and Angels stand over to your side, towards the back. I have seen them on both the left and right sides. So pay attention to where you are receiving the information. If it's coming in more from one side than the other, it's probably Spirit. If it's loud and in the front of your head, it's probably your ego.

What physical sensations do you experience?

Every Guide and Angel has a unique vibration and way they feel to you. If you are in doubt about what you are hearing, ask them to step closer and repeat it. Then notice where in your body you feel their presence, and where in your head you heard their voice. 

Check for signs of validation

Many times in readings when I am channeling Spirit, I will get goose bumps and chills that serve to validate for me that what is coming out of my mouth is indeed truth and Spirit. So notice if you too receive physical validations when you hear Spirit!

Ask them to speak up!

Spirit has no problem upping the volume of you ask them to. We are all used to the loud voice of the ego, so hearing Spirit can feel very different. Their voices are softer and gentler - it just takes practice getting used to hearing them. They will turn it up if you ask!

Opinion shop (with Spirit!)

Direct questions to specific Spirits. First, try asking your Angel for an answer on your daily decisions like which gas station or grocery store to go to. Later in the day, ask your Spirit Guide to give you guidance on which route to take home. They will each have their unique way of communcating, their signature vibrational feel and a different place they stand near you. Your Angels may be on your right side, while you usually hear from one of your Guides on your left. The more you direct your questions to specific beings in Spirit, the more you learn their unique communication styles and the more confident you grow in hearing them. Get into the habit of asking for assistance with everything – little things like what to buy at the store, what music to listen to, even what to wear. This is fun and a great way to engage your Spirit team in the everyday process of making decisions.

Communicating with Spirit is a process that is constantly unfolding, and your relationship with your Guides and Angels shifts and grows over time. Part of developing this relationship is gaining confidence in your ability to hear them. Spirit wants you to hear them and will work with you as you learn how - just ask them for help and enjoy practicing!

If you want help discerning your unique Guides and Angels, we can work together in a reading or coaching session to discover exactly how they communicate with you!

with love,