Tips to improve communication with Spirit

When it comes to receiving direct information from your Guides, Angels and Loved Ones, it's all about clearing the lines of communication so you can receive information. To open the pathways, you can fine-tune your abilities with some easy exercises:

Increase your ability to focus.

Communication with Spirit is all about being able to hold your focus and concentration for a period of time. The more you can do this, the easier and faster the information will flow to you.

Try any of these activities:


Read for a sustained period of time

Do a crossword or jigsaw puzzle

Paint or draw

Increase your clairvoyance

When you go out in public, challenge yourself to remember what three people you see are wearing. See if you can close your eyes and describe them in detail. Picking up on detail is really important, so challenge yourself to improve the acuity of your observational skills.

Practice guided meditations and visualizations. Pick any that appeal to you and practice.

Create a special metal space just for informaiton from Spirit:

You can create a special room in your mind that you go to when you meditate, or connect with Spirit.  It could be an outdoor setting like your garden. It could be in the clouds, or on the beach or next to your favorite tree. It could be a beautiful room you decorate yourself with furniture, flowers or anything that makes it feel special and uniquely yours. This technique is all about making a unique place that you go to in your head that is just for your time with Spirit. This process relaxes you and also puts boundaries inside your mind so other thoughts are not intrusive.


Increase your ability to hear Spirit

 I have heard the below suggestions time and time again from Angels and Guides about how to increase your ability to hear them:

Listen-really listen to music, following the line of each instrument in a symphony. See how much you can notice in the music.

Practice listening in your conversations. So often when we are in a conversation we spend most of the time thinking about what we want to say while the other person is talking. What about trying to really hear what that person is actually saying? Next time, open your ears and really listen to each and every word. 

Increase your ability to sense energy



Picking up on the energy in things is called psychometry, and many psychic and mediums use this technique to tune into someone else's energy. Increasing this ability helps you notice when you are sensing energy that is not your own, like one of your Angels, Guides or Loved Ones. You can use this technique to fine-tune your ability to notice how you pick up information, what it feels like, what you see and what that process is like for you.

Try picking 3 different objects, like a feather, a crystal and a piece of someone else's jewelry. Take time holding and focusing on each one, and write down all your observations.

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With love,