What is a Psychic Attack and how do I protect myself?

Basically, psychic or energetic attack is when you experience the affects of someone else's negative, fear based thoughts about you. Most of time, when you are experiencing aggressive energy from someone, they are not necessarily trying to do you harm. Rather, they are calling up your energy by thinking about you, unfortunately in a not so nice way, and their negativity can be experienced as an energetic assault. Intentional or unintentional, the importance lies in recognizing when it’s happening and putting a stop to it.

Psychic attacks can occur when:

  • When you are in an argument or conflicted situation with someone, the argument is happening on the energetic level as well as the physical. Since there is not time and space when it comes to energy, you can experience someone else's negative, fear based thoughts no matter how close or how far away you are from each other.
  • When someone is thinking negative, fear based thoughts about you of any kind.
  • Such as when someone is resistant to the changes you are making in your life, if you are involved in a dysfunctional relationship of any kind, or even when people are just jealous or critical of you.

What it feels like:

Psychic attacks usually come on quickly and suddenly. Sharp stabbing like pain in the solar plexus, back, neck, shoulders or head can characterize them. They also come on as heavy blanket like sensations that settle over you.

The solar plexus chakra is often the site where you feel an energetic attack, as this is the seat of the ego. Power struggles live here. The aggressive energy coming at you can feel like it’s wrapping you in knots, or stabbing through your stomach. You can feel it as burning, boiling, aching or twisting. When you feel this and you haven’t recently eaten something turning you inside out, you have to stop yourself and question where it's coming from. Is it yours? If it's yours, you can articulate why you are angry or upset. If it's not yours, it will just be raw emotion with no rationale behind it, or it can feel like physical pain. The sudden onset of these feelings can often mean you are experiencing psychic attack.

The head, (third eye or crown chakra) are where we receive Divine information. As you open to Spirit, these chakras become more sensitive as they get used to receiving energy. Psychic attack experienced through these chakras can feel like a sudden headache, like someone is squeezing or tightening or like a shooting pain through your head.

The back, neck and shoulders

Guilt and shaming often are experienced on the back, neck and shoulders. This kind of psychic attack can feel like a blanket, or an uncomfortable feeling settling on top of you that puts you in a negative state of mind/being. If you cannot locate within yourself the reason for these negative feelings, it is likely that you are experiencing someone else’s energy projected at you.

Do I need to know who is doing this?

Not necessarily. Sometimes you will know exactly who it is, and sometimes it may not be so clear. As you expereice the feeling, you can ask to see who is sending it your way. Warning – this may shed some light on some of your relationships! But whether you know who it is or not, what is most important is to be aware enough of your own energy to know when it’s happening and having the tools to deal with it.

How to deal with it

Method I

  • Remove the object
  • When the physical sensation is sharp, stabbing or tightening, you can imagine the object that caused this sensation. Was it a cord, knife or blanket? Identifying the object helps you to localize the energy and gives you a concrete way to remove it. If it feels stabbing, you can energetically remove the stabbing by envisioning pulling a knife out of the pain site. If it feels like it’s tightening or squeezing, imagine lifting the squeezing hands off your head. Archangel Michael is always available to assist with the removal of fear-based energies. You can ask him to assist with this process.
  • Heal the site. At the site of the entry point, imagine thousands of silver/white gossamer threads sewing up the hole and filling it with white light. This repairs the energy and protects it.

Method II

  • Release the energy. Instead of putting up shields that can take a lot of energy to maintain, you can release of the energy. When you feel you have received an energy attack, you can visualize the negative energy by giving it a color. Then you can see where in your body it is and you can see it releasing out your feet, draining out of your hands or even out of your energy field down into the earth. Then, check to see if that color has indeed completely drained out of your energy.

You can always...

Ask the Angels. Angels are great at protecting your energy, but you need to ask. Instead of requesting a white light shield, you can ask for pink or purple light to surround you, which will allow in energy of equal or higher vibration than yours, but keep out the lower energies. Archangel Michael is the one to call on for this.

Feel like psychic attack is a problem and you want more information than you can find yourself? We can look into this issue and more with your Angels, Guides and Loved Ones in a live reading!

With love,