4 Easy steps to connecting with Deceased Loved Ones

We all have people on the Other Side that we miss, that we want to connect with again. By now you probably know, or at least have a sense that it is indeed possible for you (yes, you) to actually feel this connection yourself. We are talking about actual direct connection - this is your Loved One's favorite way of connecting with you anyway, so let's get right to it. Here are some quick and easy tips for you to start doing just that, right now:

1. Find a picture of them that you connect with. This should be a picture that brings back an emotional memory-a time, place or situation that somehow brings that love you have for this person bubble up in your heart. Maybe it's a picture of the two of you together, maybe it's a picture of an event you attended together, or maybe it's just that person, doing something that defined them for you. Whatever it is, choose a picture that makes you feel them, remember them, and even get a little emotional about when you look at it. This helps you remember clearly how they feel and puts them in the forefront of your mind. This helps you recognize them when you sense their presence in Spirit.

2. Write a letter of intention to them. Tell them your feelings and state that you are now willing to open your connection with them and that you invite them to visit you. With this letter you are giving them permission to take some steps for you to actually notice their presence-they have been visiting you all along, it's just that you probably haven't noticed! Deceased Loved Ones care about you and they don't want to frighten or scare, you so their presence in your life may be subtle enough that you aren't taking notice. This letter tells them that you are ready to hear from them.

3. Choose a time to practice. Give your Deceased Loved One some times during your day that you will dedicate to paying special attention and awareness to their presence. Tell them that you will be paying extra attention, and give them some times when you will be open. Maybe it's when you are cooking dinner in your kitchen, maybe it's when you're reading stories to your kids at bedtime, or maybe you set aside a few minutes for meditation everyday. Whatever it is, choose a time and tell them that you will be practicing opening your awareness to them during those times for the next week.

4. Practice, practice, practice! All it really takes is for you to open your awareness and believe that it is indeed possible. Remember your chosen time and just let yourself open to receive. Visits from Loved Ones are usually brief, but with a strong emotional connection. For me, I usually have a strong sense that someone is there and then I feel an emotional surge of love coming from them. After that, you can see what you pick up: you may catch a reflection of them or a flash of light, you may smell familiar perfume or hear their voice in your mind. However subtle, however brief, don't worry! This is just the beginning!

Deepening your connection with your Deceased Loved Ones is an ongoing process, and taking these first steps is exciting, fun and pretty amazing. The most important thing to remember is that your Loved Ones are indeed around you and you do have the ability to pick up on their presence. Please share your experiences here and let me know if I can help!


With love,