The fastest way to jumpstart your growth

Fear is actually an amazing tool. When we encounter it we can see exactly where we are out of alignment with our Highest Selves and with our truth within. As a medium I deal with fear all the time – my fear, my client’s fear, sometimes even the fear and anxiety of the Deceased Loved Ones who come to readings and are nervous about the connection about to occur with my client. One thing I have definitely learned is not to let my fear stop me and I have begun to notice that when I feel a great deal of fear about doing something, the fear is a big arrow, pointing at exactly what it is I need to do next.

Recently I read a great book by someone I admire and who is pretty well known in the field of Spirituality. I was really excited about the book and all of the connections I felt between the author’s topic and my own experiences in readings. So I decided to reach out and contact them. As I wrote my email, I found myself offering a reading. I had not planned on doing that, but Spirit suggested it. At the last minute I included the offer and hit send. I didn’t really expect anything to come of it. But guess what? They answered my email and took me up on my offer.

So was I super exited and ready to go? Well, not exactly. Actually I was completely scared. I immediately began to wonder what in the world made me offer that. All of my doubt and fear came to the forefront and I was afraid to do it. I asked Spirit if I should go ahead and do it and they told me it would be OK and to do it anyway. So, I resisted all of my inclinations to back out and I went into the reading trusting Spirit. I decided to focus on the fact that this was happening for a reason and that whatever was about to happen needed to happen. So I just went for it, like I do in every single reading I ever do.

So what happened? Well, Spirit came through like they always do, and there were messages for this person that I believe were the reason for the reading in the first place.

This isn’t the only time I have felt fear about doing things that really matter to me. In fact as a dancer, I encounter fear everyday I dance – fear of trying things again that I have not done well before, fear of getting up in front of people and failing, fear of falling, (literally!). But, I know from experience that unless I try, there is no opening for change. One thing that I have learned is that fear is not a reason not to do something – usually it’s the opposite. Fear is showing you the resistances you have within you that are blocking you from truly living in your path, power and purpose. Now, obviously I am not talking about the kind of fear that keeps you from doing things that will harm you, like jumping off a bridge – I’m talking about the fear you have when you stretch yourself out of your comfort zone and take on something you are not 100% certain you are up for. You set the bar a little higher than you are used to: it’s the fear you feel when you look at that new height and wonder if you can jump clear over it this time. Even if things don’t turn out perfectly, even if you come up slightly short, you have gained experience, knowledge and more understanding of yourself, your desires, your capabilities and a clear idea of where you are in terms of accomplishing your goals. You have cleared the pathway for growth and change where you need it most.

The confidence I gained from stepping through my fear and doing that reading was priceless. It was like I took ten steps forward in one leap. This is how Spirit works. They guide us to take action that they know we are ready for, but maybe we can’t quite see yet. Confidence is only gained by stepping outside of your comfort zone. No one ever grows without taking risks. When you feel fear about taking some action in your life, it is usually your Spirit (and Spirits!) calling to you to step up and go beyond what you think you can do. Your Angels, Guides and Loved Ones are there to guide and encourage you to open up to the larger greatness that lies within you. Part of their guidance is often to grasp things we feel are slightly beyond our capabilities. When you start hearing those old familiar voices in your head saying “oh, I could never do that”, or “that will never work”, you know you are pinpointing exactly the area that needs your attention most. Ask your Spirits for help pushing past the fear. 

When you take the chance and follow through on their guidance, you open the door to miracles. 


with love,