I had a reading - but the person I wanted to talk to wasn't there - why not?

Sometimes this happens in readings. Clients can have a very clear idea of one person they want to connect with, but this person does not appear. Spirits have many reasons for coming, or not coming, to a reading.  

Here are the most common reasons they will not come forward:

#1.  The Deceased person isn’t ready

Spirits continue to do work on the Other Side and this work means reviewing all of their relationships in physical life. This is an in depth process, and everyone works through it in the way and time that is appropriate for them. At the time of the reading, the Deceased person may not be emotionally ready to step forward and reconnect with their loved ones here on Earth. The Deceased person may not yet be clear about their own message.

2. They may not know HOW

It is a learned skill to communicate when in Spirit, and all Spirits have a different learning curve. Since they no longer have a voice box, they have to figure out the best spiritual senses to use in order to get themselves across clearly. They have to figure out how to use images and how to use words. They need to be able to link with the medium – this means energetically being able to sustain a connection for enough time to be able to present information in a way the medium can understand and relay. The Spirit’s communication ability can also depend on expressive they were in life: maybe your Grandmother, Father or Mother was not the clearest communicator in life. Well, they don’t magically become perfect communicators when they cross over, either. It takes time for Spirits to learn new ways of expressing themselves. Trust me, every Spirit has their own unique way of coming forward, and some are clearer than others!

#3. The Deceased person is in another place

Deceased people are busy on the Other Side. They have many activities and projects they are involved in, some of which we on Earth can’t even know about yet. Deceased people may be in their life review process, or even convalescing in a hospital like environment, which can occur if they suffered a long illness or protracted death. Your Deceased Loved One may be receiving the soul healing they need in order to be able to come forward and reconnect with you again.

#4. Hearing from this Deceased person does not serve the client’s Highest good at this time

Many times what we think we want isn’t exactly what serves us best. It could be that it would be more beneficial to your life path at this time to hear from your Guides, Angels and perhaps other Deceased people, besides the one you have your heart set on.

Who decides this? Your own Spirit.

Your Higher Self is the part of you that lives in the Spirit realm and is completely in connection with your Guides, Angels and Loved Ones in the Spirit Realm. Your Spirit works with the other Spirits before and during a reading to bring forward the messages that you are ready for now.  Your Higher Self is guiding you at all times to be in alignment with your soul path, and it is completely aware of what will best serve you at this point in your growth. Trusting Spirit means also trusting yourself – your Divine self- as it is not only your Angels, Guides and Loved Ones that participate in a reading, it is your Spirit as well.

It is important to remember that in life, and in readings, nobody – no other Spirit - has more power in your world than your own.

So before you lament your reading as “no good” because the person you were hoping for didn’t show up, take some time to re-review the messages that came through. There are gems in there that are the keys to the true reasons for the reading. Also give some time to consider the person you were hoping to hear from.  What were their problem areas in life? Maybe they are getting help for those issues right now, and they need that before they can come to you with an open and loving heart. It never hurts to write them a letter, expressing your wishes that they are doing well on the Other Side and give them the reasons why you want to =reconnect with them. They will hear you, and eventually, you will hear from them as well.


When the time is right.


With love,